1.Hosanna In The HIghest (Instrumental) 02:06
2.Can’t Wait (Instrumental) 03:48
3.Cultclass (Instrumental) 04:31
4.Valiant (Instrumental) 04:39
5.Rock Off (Instrumental) 02:33
6.Overlordian (Instrumental) 04:25
7.Prarie Dog Day (Instrumental) 04:23
8.I’ll Be Damned (Instrumental) 03:28
9.Look At What The Cat Did (Instrumental) 04:56
10.Never Cry Wolf (Instrumental) 03:20
11.Take My Hand (Instrumental) 04:02
12.Forget Me Not (Instrumental) 02:41
13.Look Forward (Instrumental) 04:06
14.ANX (Instrumental) 03:21
15.Bonus Track – Plombières (Valiant Instrumental Remix/Re-Edit) 04:35
16.Bonus Track – Yuriria (Prarie Dog Day Instrumental Remix/Re-Edit) 02:57
17.Bonus Track – Aesop Rock – Cycles To Gehenna Remix Instrumental 03:42
18.Bonus Track – Terra’s room (Prarie Dog Day Instrumental Remix/Re-Edit) 03:47 
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