Walkin’ Large

1. To Get Started
2. From Around
3. Who Will Go Down (…Times Like These)
4. Airplay?
5. Reachin’ (For My People)
6. Bag Of Chips (Remix)
7. Vibes
8. When I Flow [Featuring] – Jeru The Damaja
9. In Here (Refreshed)
10. No Time For Weakness
11. In The Name Of The Rhyme
12. From Here To Wherever [Featuring] – Fabe
13. In Here (The Ill Way)

A1. Listen To This [Featuring] – Black Thought
A2. Listen To This (Instrumental)
A3. Listen To This (Acapella) [Featuring] – Black Thought
B1. Listen To This (The Roots Remix) [Featuring] – Black Thought Remix – The Roots 
B2. Listen To This (The Roots Remix) (Instrumental) Remix – The Roots
B3. Listen To This (The Roots Remix) (Acapella) [Featuring] – Black Thought

Hip-hop group from Wuppertal, Germany, with rapper Ono born in Johannesburg, and raised in Cape Town, South Africa & DJ Ara originally from Asmara, Eritrea. 
The group relocated to Cologne, Germany, where DJ Ara still resides. 
Ono is currently located in Berlin, Germany.


A1. Do That (Original Version)
A2. Do That (Instrumental)
A3. Do That (Acapella)
B1. Do That (Lord Finesse Remix)
B2. Do That (Remix Instrumental)

   A1 Reachin’ (For My People.) (Album Version)
A2 Reachin’ (For My People.) (Radio Edit)
    A3 Reachin’ (For My People.) (Album Instrumental)
A4 When I Flow (Acapella)
B2 When I Flow (Remix Version)
B3 When I Flow (Album Instrumental)
B4 When I Flow (Remix Instrumental)

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