verbal kent

01. Intro
02. First
03. The people’s rapper
04. Tomatoes & glocks
05. Alley rap. feat. Wordsworth & Rusty Chains
06. The remix
07. Spit to kill 1
08. Big buildings feat. Qwazaar & Willis Drummond II
09. Power
10. The city feat. Iomos Marad & Willis Drummond II
11. Spit to kill 2 feat. Matlock
12. Combat feat. One Man Army of Binary Star
13. Alien rock
14. The zone feat. Rusty Chains
15. Spit to kill 3
16. Get a job feat. Rusty Chains, Alltruisms & Willis Drummond II

FLAC                                     320Kbps


01. Truth
02. Body The Beat  f. DJ Eclipse
03. Hunched Over Chessboards  f. DJ Eclipse
04.  Now Or Never  (Pt. 1)
05.  Underrated?
06. Raponomics
07. Sound Of The Weapon
08. No Excuse
09. Now Or Never (Pt. 2)
10. Sammy Sosa
11. Slap The Shit Out Of You
12. Joe Shmoses
13. Now Or Never (Pt. 3)
14. Sound Of The Weapon (9th Wonder Remix) #Bonus Track

01. The Feeling
02. Desperate
03. Good Things Die
04. Long Drive Home
05. Hero’s Theme
06. Graves
07. Heart and Soul
08. Take It or Leave It
09. Never Go
10. Sweet Love
11. God’s Day Off
12. Just Relax
13. This Is Life
14. Impaired Judgement
15. Push

01. Same (prod. by Kelakovski)
02. Ahead Of It’s Time (prod. by M-Phazes)
03. Take (prod. by Pete Rock)
04. Examples feat. Lance Ambu (prod. by Illmind)
05. Cry (prod. by Apollo Brown)
06. Now (prod. by Kelakovski)
07. My City feat. Sadat X & EDO.G (prod. by Marco Polo)
08. Help (prod. by Kelakovski)
09. No feat. Lance Ambu & Rusty Chains (prod. by Wizard)
10. Dinner Party (prod. by Illmind)
11. Respect feat. Pete Rock (prod. by Pete Rock)
12. Justice Code feat. Rusty Chains & ALLtruisms (prod. by Wizard)
13. Last Laugh feat. Masta Ace & One Be Lo (prod. by Varan)
14. Save Yourself (prod. by Lord Beatjitzu) 
01. How We Figured It Out (Intro)
02. Dedicated
03. Wars R’ Us
04. Remove The Gag (Feat. Ill Bill & Wordsworth)
05. Questions
06. Snake fu*kers & Androids (Feat. Soweto Kinch, Sunny Jim, Alltruisms, Roadblok & Doomsday)
07. Friends (Interlude 1)
08. Suck A Grenade
09. Fast Rapping Time
10. Identity Theft
11. Verbal Assault (Feat. Cold Hard Of Crucial Conflict)
12. Silly Rapper, Vomiting Is For Kids (Interlude 2)
13. Big Bang
14. Fast Forward
15. Faith (Feat. Braille)
16. Power Pt. 2 

1.First 3
2.Brand New Style
3.Remain Psycho feat. Roadblok, DoomsDay, MoodSwangz, Alltruisms
4.The Dagger feat. Wayne Larrivee
5.A Rapper Who Quit Part 1
6.Underdogs feat. Rusty Chains, Lance Ambu
7.Game Face
8.OMU Rehearsal Skit 1
9.I’m A Rapper
10.You Can’t Rap feat. Alltruisms
11.Tim Hardaway Hates You feat. Rusty Chains
12.Fist Shaking
13.OMU Rehearsal Skit 2
14.Users And Pushers
15.Man Down (Temazooo y beat de MarcoPolo)
16.Snakes On A Stage
17.Another Masterpiece feat. Lance Ambu, Alltruisms
18.Get A Job 2 feat. Alltruisms, Lance Ambu 
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