The Others


American Rap group from Charlotte, NC. Consisting of Johnny Madwreck, The Mighty DR (both producers) and Mr. Mattic (MC)

1. Who We Be?
2. Come On
3. Flippin’ Rhymes
4. Good Ol’ Feel
5. Amazing
6. Wood Shed
7. Ready
8. It’s About Time
9. Burn Out 
10. Reflect
11. Survival Got Me Buggin’
12. The Opener’s Love Change
13. Get With This
14. Wreck is the Concept
15. Triumphant in the Sun
16. It’s About Time (D.R. Remix) Remix – D.R.
17. Come On (Madwreck Remix) Remix – Madwreck
18. 3rd Degree

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