The Almighty RSO

1. Hellbound (The RSO Saga Part 2)
2. Revenge Of Da Badd Boyz
3. One Of Those Nightz Featuring – Freddie Foxxx
4. One In The Chamba (The RSO Saga Part 1) 5:08
5. Out On Parole (Time To Flip)
6. 5 Minutes Of Doom (Comin’ From The Legion) Featuring – Beef (2), Big Roscoe & Mody, Buddha Man, Kool Gsus, Fly Ty, Mass Murderer Mike & ACE, Tangg The Juice

A1. One In The Chamba (Radio Mix)
A2. One In The Chamba (Street Mix)
A3. One In The Chamba (Instrumental)
B1. He’s Gonna Catch It (Original Mix)
B2. He’s Gonna Catch It (Instrumental)
B3. He’s Gonna Catch It (Reggae Mix) [Featuring] – Junior Rodigan
B4. One In The Chamba (Street Remix)

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