Spit Gemz

1.Fvck The Radio End The T.V Sampler
2.Fvck The Radio
3.Tell-Tale Feat Spent D’Nero
4.Live From The Bottom
5.Graffiti Everywhere
6.Rugcutter Feat Nems Guttha
7.Energon Feat Shabaam Sahdeeq
9.Crimson Guard Feat G.S Advance & Eff Yoo
10.Tabernacle Feat Starvin B & Novia
11.Certain Delegates
12.Hersey Hawkins Feat Starvin B & Flushin Tek
13.Max Cohen
14.Ninja Vanish Feat Aye Wun
15.Homemade Hot Sauce Feat Thirstin Howl III & Meyhem Lauren
17.Season Of The Witch Feat Spent D’Nero
18.The Devils Rejects Feat AG Da Coroner & Eff Yoo
19.Cookie Monstah Feat Tek Bully
20.Invisible Chess Feat Vinnie Paz
21.Cost Of Sanity  
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