01 State Of Grace (Intro)
02 Don’t Talk Greezy
03 Offensive Lines (ft. Action Bronson & Ill Bill)
04 Thats How It Is (ft. Termanology & Tully Banta)
05 Trail of Blood (OG Beat Version)
06 Tonight (ft. Cyrus Deshield)
07 Gotta Go (ft. Kali & D-Stroy)
08 American Way
09 Run It (From the Town OST)
10 Night After Night
11 Molly (ft. D-Stroy)
12 Hold Up (ft. Reks)
13 Concepts (Freestyle)
14 Shade 45 Freestyle (ft. Kali & D-Stroy)
15 Mistaken Identity 
01-A World With No Skies
02-Voices Of Apocalypse
03-99 Bottles
04-When I Shoot You
05-Black Horses
06-Night After Night
07-Crillionaires (Feat. Q-Unique & Ill Bill)
08-The American Way
09-Landscapes (Feat. Vinnie Paz & Reef The Lost Cauze)
10-Mistaken Identity
12-Till The Day That We Die
13-Crazy (Feat. B-Real & Jaysaun)
14-I Ain’t Done
16-Body Of Christ
18-The Last Song (Feat. Everlast) 
01 My Old Gold Chain (Feat. Amadeus The Stampede) 
02  Mistaken Identity (feat. La Coka Nostra) 
03 Rap-A-Nomics(Feat. Reks & Torae) 
04 Skull & Guns (feat. Everlast & Ill Bill) 
05 Death And Destiny (feat. Sabac Red & Jordan Playahnice Battiste) 
06 Never Say Never At All (Feat. sicknature) 
07 Coke (Feat. La Coka Nostra, U-God & Raekwon) 
08 4 Shots (Feat. Danny Diablo) (2) 
09 Gun Shots (Feat. Freddy Madball & Jaysaun) 
10 Suicide Slang (Feat. King Magnetic & Reef The Lost Cauze) 
11 Too Young (Feat. Hero & Ill Bill) 
12 Back On Up (Feat. Danny Boy, Puerto Rican Myke & Shotblockers) 
13 Darkness Deepens (feat. Sabac Red & Ill Bill)
14 Street Veteran 3 (Feat. Mr. Hyde) 
15 Back On Up (Feat. Puerto Rican Myke, Danny Boy & Danny Diablo) 
16 Kids (Feat. Big Left) 
17 Satanic Shamrocks (Feat. Danny Diablo, Big Left, Danny Boy & Skinhead Rob) (2) 
18 This Is The End (Feat. La Coka Nostra, Badnewz & Jaysaun) 
19 Dumb (Feat. Everlast & Swollen Members) 
20 B.L.A.Z.E (Feat. Danny Boy, Puerto Rican Myke & Shotblockers) 
21 No Turning Back (feat. Q-Unique & Jise) 
22 Belly Full Of Poison (Feat. Rite Hook) 
23 The Hatred (Feat. Snowgoons, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus) 
1. The Religion (prod. Silvamore)
2. My Girl, My Wife, My Mother My Bitch (prod. LuBalz)
3. The Deadzone (prod. Stoupe, cuts by Reel Drama)
4. Black and Blue Flag f. Jaysaun (prod. Silvamore)
5. Thru The Rain f. Blacastan (prod. Silvamore)
6. Off The Sidewalk f. Cyrus Deshield (prod. Falside)
7. Going Down f. Jaysaun (prod. Silvamore)
8. The Worst (prod. Statik Selektah)
9. Old English II f. Esoteric (prod. Esoteric)
10. Burn f. Amadeus & Chilla Jones (prod. Sicknature)
11. Envy f. Termanology (prod. Moss)
12. It Ain’t Happenin f. Amadeus & Blacastan (prod. Falside)
13. It’s Too Late f. Amadeus (prod. Double Chamberz)
14. Science Of the Trife f. Ill Bill & Q-Unique (prod. C. Lance)
15. Settin’ It Off f. Reks, Jaysaun & Steven King (prod. Statik Selektah)
16. Trail Of Blood (prod. Statik Selektah)
17. Outro
18. Mind Of A Criminal (rmx) (prod. LuBalz) 

2. Zero St.
4.Mind Of A Criminal
5.Whitey, Whitey
6.Sallie Wong
7.Dum Diddy Dum
8.Jump Around 2006
9.No More Pain
10.The Showdown Featuring – Knockout Kings
11.DMS Anthem
12.Dark World Featuring – Betrayl
13.Mickey Deez Featuring – Knockout Kings, The
14.Olde English Featuring – 7L & Esoteric
15.Chubby Chubb – Interlude
16.Who Are You Featuring – Krumbsnatcha
17.Slaine Iz Like
19.You Don’t Love Me
20.Ride With Us Featuring – XL
21.Lucifer’s Luck Featuring – Special Teamz 
22.Close Your Eyes
23.Walk With The Devil 

01. Evolution Of The Kid
02. Nothin’ But Business (feat. BR & V Knuckles)
 03. Bloodthirsty (feat. 357 & Phinelia)
04. Loyalty (feat. Kali & Twice Thou)
05. Buildin’ With Edo (feat. Edo G)
06. Polaroid Picture (feat. J The S, Dutch Rebelle & Cyrus Deshield)
07. Cocaine & Whiskey (feat. Amadeus The Stampede & Moroney)
08. Zombie Land (feat. Rite Hook)
09. Bible Pages (feat. Big Kurt, Shizz Vicious, Lateb, Esoteric & Moroney)
10. Rats Maze (feat. Newz And Lecks Get It On)
11. Coke Money Jones (feat. Easy Money & Chilla Jones)
12. Bad Guy (feat. Millyz & Smoke Bulga aka Donn Lennon)
13. Something To Believe In (feat. Lou Armstrong, Patrick Starr, Moroney & Blanco)
14. Back Where I’m From (feat. Piff & Singapore)
15. The Fuckery Hotel (feat. Kali & Reks)
16. Faster Than Time (feat. Dre Robinson & DL)
17. Hero (feat. Jaysaun & Checkmark)  
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