1. Sinuous – Sintro
2. I Know Its Been A Minute
3. Eye Openers
4. After Midnight Featuring Bella Wilde
5. For The Record
6. Ink Trails
7. LiftMeUp Featuring Bella Wilde 
8. Grind Boogie Blues Featuring Kas Boogie
9. Thrillz Featuring P-able, Apollo
10. WhyYaCrying
11. StoryLines Featuring Aljamar 
12. Them Lies Featuring Epsilon Project
13. Smiles
14. 2Hot2Cold Featuring P-able
15. One For The Money Featuring P-able
16. Get Ya Shit Right
17. Past Backwards Featuring P-able
18. Its A Shame Featuring Freestyle of The Arsonists
19. StarStruck
20. On The Go
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