01. Welcome to the Beatcave (Instrumental)
02. Seek Shelter (Instrumental)
03. Fabricate the Apocalypse (Instrumental)
04. Digital Hell Flames (Instrumental)
05. No Sanctuary (Instrumental)
06. Gravity Pull (Instrumental)
07. Shadow Throne (Instrumental)
08. Homesickness (Instrumental)
09. Hoax Free (Instrumental)
10. The Night´s Grip (Instrumental)
11. Monstrous Work (Instrumental)
12. To the Depths (Instrumental)


1. On The Map
2. Rub It In Your Face
3. Sicknature, Tha Alkaholiks – Zip On The Fluid
4. F.A.M.I.L.Y.
5. Speakin’ From The Outside
6. Ouch
7. Do It Big
8. Primitive
9. Got It Wrong
10. Sacrifice
11. All My People
12. Somebody Stop Me
13. Right & Exact, Pt. 2
14. Slip Away
15. Put You In My Rhyme

01. Intro
02. As Sick As It Gets
03. Shootin’ The Breeze
04. Bring Back The Raw Hip Hop Ft. Q-Unique & Ill Bill
05. Zoom In Ft. Invocator
06. Really Really
07. Never Say Never At All Ft. Slaine
08. Cycle Feat. Dialek
09. They Don’t Know Ft. Punchline & HAPH
10. The Brain Wash Ft. Capione
11. Expression of Words Ft. A-Quil
12. Room of The Past

Props To Rase UnderCream

1.Nature Of The Contaminated (Intro)
2.Wild Nature
3.Violent Rage ft Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz)
4.Puppet March
5.Caged Freedom ft Hasan Salaam
6.Chemical Disorder
7.Behind The Backdrop
8.Deceitful Industry ft Celph Titled
9.Relentless Storm ft Diabolic, Side Effect, Aspects & Reef The Lost Cauze
10.Loyalty Never Dies ft N.B.S. & A-Quil
11.When Nature Strikes
12.Heads In The Screen ft Søren Nico Adamsen & Dennis Post
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