Sean Strange

1. Indirect Honesty ft Salome
2. Currency Exchange
3. Underground Kings ft Jay Gill
4. Sylla Bull Shit
5. Real Talk ft Omaly, Jay Hill, Tom J & Da God Divine (Produced By Snowgoons)
6.WNYU 89.1 FM Halftime Show Session
7. All Or Nothing (Produced By Snowgoons)
8. Red Carpet Creeps ft Kuniva, Bizarre, Swifty McVay of D12 & Hurley, GTP (Produced By Mighty Fuzz Young)
9. Sean Michael (Produced By Inception) CONTEST WINNER
10. Legal Drug Money ft Crookz Green
11. Is He Talking About Me In That Post
12. Illseed Asylum ft Bundy, ODoub, N.O. The God & Gustapo
13. What`s On Your Mind
14. The Wrath ft Swifty McVay of D12, Diabolic & Danny Diablo (Produced By Sentury Status & Reel Wolf)
15. Noose Grip ft Salome
16. Drain Me Dry
17. Iron Bars ft Papoose, Kool G Rap, Nature & Justin Time (Produced By Snowgoons)
18. Keep Talking
19. Fuck Yall ft Blaq Poet & Dj Q Fingaz (Produced By Dj Spleen) CONTEST WINNER
20. The Underground (Produced By Dangerous Beats) CONTEST WINNER
21. No Escape ft Sir Real (Produced By Sir Real) CONTEST WINNER
22. Rants ft Skriptkeeper
23. Psychotic Biotics w Biotic-CONTEST WINNER
24. New Message ft Omaly, Jay Hill & Kasso
25. I Remember It All

1-History Of Strange (Chapter 1) (Produced By Sean Strange)
2-Truth By Lethal Injection (Prod.& Cuts by DJ Young C)
3-Real Hip Hop (Produced By Sean Strange)
4-Blood Stream ft Nature,Little Vic & ODoub of NGP (Produced By Snowgoons)
5-Fade To Grey (Produced By Vampts)
6-You Aint Nothin (SKIT)
7-Heat Seekers ft Swifty McVay of D12 & NGP (Produced By Sean Strange)
8-Cant Be Worse (Produced By Sean Strange)
9-United Nation Of Creeps ft Bundy (Produced By Snowgoons)
10-Losing Streak ft Salomé (Produced & Arranged By_ Sean Strange)
11-I Wanna Kill You ft NGP (Produced By Life & Death Productions)
12-Conversing Mirrors (Produced By Sean Strange)
13-Big Apples Worms ft Ice Water,Nutso & Talmer Dalbay (Produced by Thug Music).mp3
14-The Need ft Scott G (Produced By Sean Strange)
15-Something Awful ft Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony,Bizarre (D12) & Fury of The Weirdo Movement & MadeCipha (Produced By Hala X)
16-Temporary Pain (Produced By Sean Strange)
17-Famous – ODoub of NGP (Produced By Mighty Fuzz Young) 
2.Fall Back
3. Halftime Show 09 pt. 1
4.Hood Conditions feat. Domination and El Toro
5.Auto Creep (skit)
6.Halftime Show 09 pt. 2
7.Mortal Combat (remix) feat. Q-Unique
8.Hardbody feat N.O. The God
9.Death Is The Price
10.Up To No Good feat. Meth Mouth
11.Childs Play
12.Death Cipher feat. N.O. The God, El Toro and Scott G
13.Everyday Goat Burger
14.Halftime Show 09 pt. 3 feat. Meth Mouth
15.Queens feat. El Toro and Mark Menace
16. Down On My Luck
17.This Is Music feat. No Good People
18.Bet Rap City Freestyle feat. Stress
19.Poppin Mad Shit
20. My Name Is Sean 
1. Repulsive Enjoyment (prod. by Sean Strange)
2. More Urchin 4 Your Dollar (prod. by Sean Strange)
3. Future Legend (Pay Homage) (prod. by Concept)
4. The Sinister Sicks ft. Sabac Red, Exlib, Q-Unique, Odoub, PMD (prod. by Sean Strange)
5. Foul Child (prod. by Sean Strange)
6. Walk The Line (prod. by Sean Strange)
7. Bang Out ft. Smoothe Da Hustler, Strees, Scott G (prod. by Sean Strange)
8. Victim Of The Street Pt. 1 (prod. by Sean Strange)
9. Whatever It Take (Skit) (prod. by Sean Strange)
10. Back At It Again (prod. by Little Vic & Dj John John)
11. Diabolical Decibles ft. Exlib, Meth Mouth, Nems (prod. by Snowgoons)
12. The Devils Shadow (prod. Sean Strange)
13. Physical Education ft. N.O. The God, Jacyn Joseph (prod. by Sean Strange)
14. The Street Urchin (prod. by Sean Strange)
15. The Pain (Mary McDonnell) ft. Strees (prod. by Sean Strange)
16. Victim Of The Street Pt. 2 (prod. by Sean Strange)
17. C.P.R. ft. Odoub, Scott G, Scheme, Mark Menace, El Toro, Meth Mouth, Crooks green (prod. by Mighty Puzz & Young)
18. Forever Live (prod. by Concept)
19. The New Blood ft. No Good People (Bouns) (prod Sean Strange)
20. Heat ‘Em Up ft. R20, Bundy (prod. by C.Lance) 
1. Intro (Shut Up & Listen)
2. The Code Of The Creep
3. Let Your Gun Clap
4. Grindhouse (feat. Odoub)
5. Truth Be Told
6. Pmd Of Epmd Speaks Of Sean Strange (Skit)
7. The Half
8. Sirius 40 Hip Hop Nation Pt.1 Freestyle (feat. Nems)
9. Necro Hip Hop Freestyle
10. No Good Radio (feat. Ngp)
11. Sick Maniac Freestyle
12. Sirius 40 Hip Hop Nation Pt. 2 Freestyle
13. Mortal Combat (feat. Q-Unique)
14. We Get High (feat. Autopsy & Bizarre)
15. Stay Strapped / This Is New York (N.O. The God)
16. Instrumental Therapy
17. Underdogs (feat. Live One & Mark Menace)
18. Sirius 40 Hip Hop Nation Pt.3 Freestlye (feat. Mr. Hyde & Nems)
19. Fully Loaded (ауфt. Mr. Hyde & Odoub)
20. Demonstration Of Skill (feat. Odoub, Zodiac & DJ Young C)
21. Right Off The Bat (feat. Ngp & Dan Goon)
22. Cousin Pat Speaks To An Urchin (Skit)
23. Next Level Radio Freestyle (feat. Zodiac)
24. Street Urchin (Snippet)
25. Outro
26. Untitled 
01 Intro
02 Not Fiction, But Fact
03 Album Promo (feat. O-Doub)
04 If You Want It (feat. NGP)
05 Born Creep
06 Get ‘Em Bitch (feat. NGP)
07 Strappin Up For War (feat. Mr. Hyde)
08 Skit
09 Where You’re From (feat. NGP)
10 Get It Poppin (feat. Yung N.O.)
11 Halftime Show ’07
12 Kingpins (feat. Exlib)
13 Go Fuck Yourself
14 Revelations (feat. Yung N.O.)
15 Masterpiece (feat. O-Doub)
16 Skit 2
17 Can Anybody Hear Me
18 Halftime Show ’07 (feat. NGP)
19 Skit 3
20 My Part Of Town (feat. Mr. Hyde & O-Doub)
21 Outro
22 Bonus Joint 
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