Savage Brothers


1. Who Are You
2. Get Down
3. Platoon Goons  [Featuring] – Reef The Lost Cauze
4. Trapped On Earth  [Featuring] – Brainstorm
5. Run Run
6. At War  [Featuring] – Sean Price
7. Knuckle Up
8. One Shot
9. Pray Hard  [Featuring] – Sicknature – Vibez
11. Michael Nobody Aka Poetic Death
12. Planetary Takeover  [Featuring] – Planet X
13. All In Your Mind  [Featuring] – Viro The Virus
14. Capital City Streetz
15. Snakes
16. Hip Hop Crusaders  [Featuring] – Kev Turner, King Syze
17. Been Fighting Devilz


1. At War Pt 2 ft Ruste Juxx (Prod by Snowgoons)
2. Game Time (Prod by Eversor)
3. Massacre ft Chief Kamachi (Prod by Snowgoons)
4. Return Of The Fist ft Virtuoso (Prod by The White Shadow)
5. Pray For Your Life ft Sicknature (Prod by Sicknature)
6. Smoke & Mirrors (Prod by Snowgoons)
7. 5 Criminals ft King Magnetic, Venom & Freestyle (Prod by 5th Criminal)
8. We Dont Give A Fuck (Prod by The Returners)
9. South East ft Supastition (Prod by Shuko)
10. Real Goons ft Dr. iLL (Prod by Crown)
11. Last Days ft Brainstorm (Prod by Tango & Cash)
12. Step On Us (Prod by Hitfarmers)
13. Music ft Vibez (Prod by Snowgoons)
14. Piledriver (Prod by Snowgoons)
15. Progress ft Grindhouse Gang, Words & Rhymes (Prod by Sicknature)
16. Uncanny Valley ft The Uncanny (Prod by Velvet Sick)
17. On The Run (Prod by Vokab) 
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