Ruste Juxx


01.Countdown to Def (feat. Chip Fu & Brother J)
02.Bottom To The Top
03.Ready To Juxx
04.Bullshit & Party
05.BK’s Illest (feat. Skyzoo)
06.Hustle Everyday
07.Ain’t Like It Used To Be (feat. Nutso)
08.Final Dayz (feat. One Click Bang)
09.Off The Hinges (feat. Rockness Monstah)
10.Gimme The Loot
11.Tommy Gun Funk (feat. Dirt Platoon)
12.The 2nd Question (feat. Skanks The Martyr)
14.My demise
15.Friends of Yourz (feat. Lil Vic)
16.Your Song

01. Hard bodie hip hop intro
02. Hot shit for u
03. Boom bap goon rap
04. F#8k Ruste Juxx
05. No prints (feat R.A The Rugged Man)
06. Anti wack shit (feat Ecorce)
07. Three the squad way (feat Vinnie Paz & Rock)
08. Termin 8 (feat F.T)
09. Ryder man feat Sime Auto
10. Darkest nights (feat Blaq Poet & Dirt Platoon)
11. Hardest from the underground
12. Victory is all mine
13. Im def (Thug Angelz) (feat 6th Sky)
14. Strapped wit a whut! (with Little Vic)
15. Boom Bap Classic (feat Rh Bless & King Magnetic)
16. Alibi (feat Milez Grimez , Shabaam Sahdeeq & Comet)

1.I.C. (Intro) Ft. Zash Chinhara 
3.Lava Ft. Termanology 
4.Can Only Be Me Ft. Genius
5.The Life I Live Ft. Copywrite
6.Jump Start Ft. DJ Slipwax Jayson Planet Asia & R.A. The Rugged Man
7.Barbaian Bars Ft. Punchline
8.Right There With Me Ft. XL Sadat X & Shanks 
9.Rock To The Rhythm 
10.She Get It In Ft. Genius
11.The Walking Dead Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq Guilty Simpson & Ill Bill 
12.Where They Be At
13.That La La La Ft. Craig G & General Steele
14.Stand Strong Ft. Sarah Miller
15.Something Outta Hopeless Ft. Aisling Peartree

01. Adamantine
02. U Know What Crime Iz (feat. Sledge)
03. Thrill Is Back (feat. Reek)
04. Music To My Earz (feat. Skyzoo & Letia Larok)
05. Skit
06. How U Selling That (feat. Supreme & Wordsmith)
07. Turmoil (feat. Torae & Supreme)
08. 24 Karate Flow (feat. 34 Click)
09. U A Bitch (feat. Skanks & Reek)
10. Skit
11. Mastered The Art (feat. Reek)
12. Rap Assassins (feat. Ill Bill, Sav Killz & Cyrus Malachi)
13. BCC Official (feat. General Steele)
14. Killa Crown Heights (feat. One Click Bang, Skanks, Shatilke & Sledge)   

01. The Exxecution Intro (Feat. DJ Revolution)
02. Death Penalty (Feat. DJ Revolution)
03. Rearview
04. Take Money (Feat Rock from Heltah Skeltah & Freddie Foxxx)
05. I Am on it
06. Let’s Take A Sec (Feat Black Moon)
07. Bread on Ya Head
08. Wings on Your Back
09. Nobody
10. Fuckin Wit A Gangster (Feat Sean Price)
11. Watch Yo Step
12. You Cant Stop Me


01. Wipe Off Ya Smile (feat. Blaze)
02. System On Blast (feat. Reek)
03. Get Up (feat. Lil’ Vic)
04. Machine Gun Skunk (feat. Jahdan)
05. Grave Digga
06. Morgue Truck
07. Let Me In
08. Pimpin’ Ya Wife
09. To All My Enemies
10. Duck Down!
11. Homicide Niggas (feat. Reek)
12. Love Is Worth Waiting For
13. Blaze Freestyle Interlude (R.I.P.)
14. Blaze My Fi


01. Intro Cosmos. 
02. Galaxy Goon
03. Meteorite
04. Constellation (con Pressha Dinero)
05. Nebula (cuts by Dj Impact)
06. Black hole
07. Intergalactus
08. Cosmic dust (cuts by Dj Impact)
09. Water on Mars (con Rim)
10. Ruste’s comet
11. Astronaut (con Illa Noyz & Skanks) [cuts by Dj Impact]
12. Universal Sean (con Rock & Stuck B)
13. Outro Galactus

01. Snatchatape Intro 
02. Slick Vic Dat Ruler Intro 
003. Laraza 
04. Gimme Dat (feat Reek & Blaze) 
05. Dead Daughter 
07. Don’t Fuck Around Shorty (feat Reek & Thunder) 
08. U Know What Crime Iz It (feat Reek & Blaze) 
09. Dusty Fatigues (feat Seany) 
10. Maximus Supreme 
11. Can’t Fuck With Me, (feat Sean) 
12. Crime Heights Finest (feat Blue Flame & Buckshot) 
13. Throwin Da Drop (feat Thunder) 
14. G To Da Sky (feat Reek) 
15. Cardiac
16. Spliff—Wessun (feat Sean Price) 
17. Break Beat Basha 
18. Take Money 
01. Intro 
02. Freestyle (feat Blaze & Rob Wrath) 
03. Ruste Juxx 
04. Slap Boxing 
05. K.C. G’d Up 
06. Skit 
07. Lay Down 
08. Sound Like Crwon Heights 
09. Freestyle 
10. 718, 973 (feat Mirage Black) 
11. Freestyle 
12. Skit 
13. Freestyle (feat Blaze & Rob Wrath) 
14. Mastered The Style 
15. Born Brooklyn 
16. Freestyle Friday Skit 
17. She Like 
18. Freestyle (feat Banga) 
20. Freestyle 
21. Shorty 
22. K.A. Rock 
23. Mom Duke 
24. Came Dis Far 
25. Everybody Loves A Star 
26. Freestyle 
27. Magnum Force 
28. Lessons To Learn 
29. Gangs All Here 
30. Boom Boom Room 
31. Freestyle Outro 
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