Royal Flush

A1. Kamakazee – Takin’ All Bets (Dirty)  [Featuring] – OffDaMental
A2. Kamakazee – Takin’ All Bets (Clean)   [Featuring] – OffDaMental
A3. Kamakazee – Takin’ All Bets (Instrumental)
B1. Royal Flush – It’s Royal Flush (Dirty)
B2. Royal Flush -It’s Royal Flush (Clean)
B3. Royal Flush – It’s Royal Flush (Instrumental)

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1. Its Royal Flush (Produced by Godfather Don)
2. Thorough Fam (Produced by Lord Finesse)
3. Rotten Apple Remix (Remix by The Deep Notes)
4. World wide (B.Lapointe Remix) (without chorus)
5. Movin On Ya Weak Productions (Kalhex Parental Remix)
6. Royal Flush & Lace Da Booms feat. Quasi Modo – Cut That Weak Shit (Produced by DJ Spinna)
7. Royal Flush, J-Love – Queens 4 Life
8. Royal Flush, Street Smartz – No Holds Barred (20Syl Remix)
9. Royal Flush, Mic Geronimo – Everybody Raps (Produced by G-Squared)
10. Rotten Apple Remix (Remix Produced by Esco)
11. Iced Down Medallions (feat Noreaga) [Remix]
12. Royal Flush, Mic Geronimo – The Natural (DJ Clark Kent Ghetto Remix)
13. Royal Flush – Worldwide (Smochi Remix)
14. Royal Flush & Sean Price – NY Giants (Produced by the White Shadow of Norway)
15. Royal Flush, Jane Doe, Tragedy Khadafi, X-One & F.T. – Bottom Line Dollar Sign
16. Royal Flush presents the Wastlanz – Roots
17. Royal flush – Worldwide (Dj Premier Remix)
18. Royal Flush, Nutso, Mic Geronimo – This Is My Hood (Amazing Maze Remix)
19.Royal Flush, Godfather & Rah Fese – Think Like Street
20. Royal Flush – Rotten Apple (Phoniks Remix)
21. Royal Flush – What Makes A Killa
22. Royal Flush, Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq – Blowing Up (DJ Spot Remix, cuts by Chinch33)
23. Royal-Flush, CNN, E-Money-Bags-Queens-Represent (J-Love Exclusive)
24. Royal Flush, Nutso, Nore, Imam Thug – Galaxy Of Queens
25. Royal Flush & Deadly Venoms – Street Corner (ft. Kurupt, Trigga, Mic Geronimo)
26. Rotten Apple (Cookin Soul Remix)
27. World Wide (Satnone Remix)
28. Royal Flush, Big Noyd – Infamous Mobb
29. Royal Flush, MOP, Pudgee, D-Nice, Chris-Large – Money Dont Make The World Stop Remix
30. Royal Flush, Ja Rule -Niggas Night Out

01. Ol Dirty Intro feat. O.D.B.
02. Shadow Of The Streets feat. Illa Ghee
03. Evil Spirit feat. Starvin B
04. Flushtown feat. Nutso (cuts by DJ Modesty)
05. Autobiography
06. Sucka Free feat. Lil Fame, Illa Ghee & Meyhem Lauren
07. Keep It Live
08. Beasting feat. Sean Price
09. Swarm Music feat. Starvin B
10. This Is Killing Everyone feat. Pop Severe
11. MFM feat. Mic Geronimo & Mic Handz
12. Hoodness Pt. 2 feat. Bam
13. Hip Hop feat. Atlas & Nokti
14. Stayin Alive feat. Noble & Pop Severe

A1. Can’t Help It (Radio)
A2. Can’t Help It (Radio Remix) Remix – Tyrone Fyffe
A3. Can’t Help It (Instrumental)
A4. Can’t Help It (Remix Instrumental) Remix – Tyrone Fyffe
B1. What A Shame (Radio)  [Featuring] – Noreaga
B2. What A Shame (Instrumental)
B3. What A Shame (Acapela) [Featuring] – Noreaga
B4. Can’t Help It (Acapela)

1 Intro 
2 N.A.B. 
3 Roll Call (Featuring Lord Forbid)
4 Q.U. (Featuring J White , Modoe)
5 Life Is Hard 
6 Worldwide Part 2 
7 Y’all Cant Fuck With Us 
8 Don’t Get F’Up 
9 Love (Featuring Gramz)
10 Got’s To Have It 
11 War (Featuring Ol Dirty Bastard)
12 Best Type Of Rapper 
13 Freestyle (Featuring Big L)
14 The Theme (HeatBeat) 
15 If You Wanna Ride (Featuring Lord Grand)
16 Section 8 
17 Can’t Be Life 
18 Clap (Featuring Big Punisher)
19 Angle Dust (Featuring Mic Geronimo)
20 The Livest (Featuring Big Noyd & Infamous Mobb)
21 Pimps Up Hoes Down 
22 Man Up 
23 R.I.P. Beans (Featuring T Slugs)
24 Iced Down Medalions (Bonus)
25 Worldwide (Bonus) 
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