1. Estee Nack & Relentless – Bethlehem Nights
2. Estee Nack & Relentless – Rappers Be Light
3. Estee Nack & Relentless – Flows Like The River Jordan
4. Estee Nack & Relentless ft. Rogue Butterfly – Call On H.I.M. 
5. Estee Nack & Relentless – Beard Of Christ
6. Estee Nack & Relentless ft. 7th Seal Revealer – Feed The Masses
7. Estee Nack & Relentless – Salvation

 Dark Days (Intro) – Producer: Relentless
Dark Days – Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)
It’s Real – Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)
Amazing Grace featuring Illmental – Producer: Big Thurm
So Many Lost – Producer: Relentless
Conspirators featuring Halfabrick; Grimm – Producer: Relentless
Smile When I’m Blue – Producer: Relentless
Vizionz Of A Soldier featuring Tragic Allies – Producer: Relentless
Brink Of Destruction featuring Illamental – Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)
Seen It All – Producer: Relentless
I Come Bearing – Producer: Relentless
I Had Enough – Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)   
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