01. «Going All Out» [prod. by Noodles] [1998]
02. «Hardcore Hip-Hop» [prod. by Eddie Sancho] [1996]
03. «Magic Chef» [prod. by JuJu of The Beatnuts] [1997]
04. «Life Your Life» [prod. by The Mighty V.I.C. of The Ghetto Pro’s] [1997]
05. «Everyday that Goes By» [prod. by DJ Honda] [2000]
06. «Play Ya Bets» [prod. by JAO] [2000]
07. «We Don’t Play» [prod. by DJ Honda] (Ft. Missin Linx, S-On & Manifest) [2000]
08. «Nevertheless» [prod. by José «ChoCo» Reynoso] [1997]
09. «God’s Connect» [prod. by Beatnuts] (Al’Tariq Ft. Rawcotiks, Problemz & Black Attack] [1996]
10. «Let A Couple Off II» [prod. by Beatnuts] (Ft. Beatnuts & A.L.) [1998]
11. «Treat$» [prod. by Beatnuts] (Ft. Beatnuts, Nogoodus & A.L.) [1998]
12. «Life That I’m Living» [prod. by AA] [1996]
13. «Get On Your Job» [prod. by DJ Honda] (Ft. Problemz & Black Attack)
14. «What It Looks Like» [prod. by Noodles] [1998]
15. «Real Heads» [prod. by Groove Merchantz] [1997]
16. «No Questions» [prod. by No I.D.] [Al’ Tariq Ft. Rawcotiks, Problemz & Black Attack] [1996]
17. «Hardcore Hip Hop» [Street Mix II] [prod. by DJ Premier] [1996] 
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