Ralph The Architek

1. Architekture Of Horror (Intro)
2. Horrorglyphics
3. Deadly Sinz (Feat. Chris Rivers)
4. Welcome To Hell
5. Drop Somebody
6. Fury Of Hell Pt.2 (Feat. Slaine & Danegurous)
7. I Am Ra! (Feat. Jin Hackman)
8. Master Builders (Feat. MC Therapist)
9. Supreme Being (Feat. DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks)
10. RawFare (Feat. Diabolic & Wisecracker)
11. The HellRaiserz (Feat. R.A.S.H The Warchild)
12. Rip Ya Heart
13. Formless Entity
14. O.T.C (Feat. Blaq Poet & Dirt Platoon)
15. Facing The Paragon (Skit)
16. Rhyme Paragon
17. Face Of Death
18. Terrified (Feat. Canibus)
19. Holdin’ My Breath (Feat. ShiGGa Shay
20. Sleepy Hollow
21. Blood Rain (Outro)

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