1. Paradise & The Abyss (Intro)
2. Listening Problem
3. Crack Era
4. Mr, Lopez
5. Green Grass
6. Between Heaven & Hell Prologue
7. Just Because
8. Man Of God
9. Questions
10. On My Block
11. Conspiracy Theory
12. Outta Talk
13. Dead Roses
14. Between Heaven & Hell
15. Dark Knight
16. BK, BX, BK
17. The Brute Squad
18. No Turning Back

01. Intro
02. L’amour East
03. Don’t Touch That Dial
04. Prize Fighters
05. Dumb Shit
06. Dark Knight
07. Street Villains 2
08. Metal In Your Mouth
 09. Hiphopgame.com freestyle
10. Crillionaires
11. Black Metal
12. Giants Stadium
13. Listen to the Words
14. Presto One Shreded This Thing Of Ours
15. Let It Go

01. Listen To The Words f. ILL BILL
02. Carpenter Of Life
03. Yeah I Know f. Realm Reality
04. Waters Run Deep f. Big Steele
05. New York Summer Time f. The Sargonites
06. Wars Goin’ On f. Phil Harmonix
07. Learn f. Jise & Freestyle
08. Mister Jason Has A Posse f. Akrobatik, Bad Newz, Checkmark, D-Tension, Dizzy Dustin, Edo G, Esoteric, Forcefield, I.D., J-Zone, Jaysaun, K-No Supreme, Legendary Axe, Moe Pope, Nabo Rawk, Oak Lonetree, Paul Foley, Reks, Riacha La Pasta, Saucy Lady, Slaine, Termanology, Thirstin Howl III, TygaStyle, Will C & YZ
09. The Sinister Sicks f. Sean Strange, Sabac, Exlib, Odoub & PMD
10. The World Is A Scheme f. Nems
11. Shadow of the Guillotine (Skammadix Remix) [feat. Vinnie Paz]
12. Ooohhhhh!!
13. “verybody Down f. La Coka Nostra & Jaysaun
14. Science Of The Trife f. ILL BILL & Slaine
15. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
1. 42nd Spit
2. Nuclear Medicinemen (featuring La Coka Nostra & Immortal Technique)
3. Court Marshal (featuring CAEN Project & Reef The Lost Cauze)
4. The Callin’ (featuring TzariZM, Murdoc & DJ Dolo)
5. Mortal Combat (featuring Sean Strange)
6. Rock Steadily (featuring Rakaa Iriscience, C-Rayz Walz, Krondon & DJ Js-1)
7. Apocalypse Now (featuring Sick Jacken, Ill Bill & DJ FM)
8. Cannivers
9. Damn Thing (featuring The Massive Ching Rock, D-Story & DJ Fingaz)
10. Is Anybody Out There? (featuring Glo & DJ Piklz)
11. Major League Freestyle (featuring D-Stroy)
12. Full Clip Bullshit
13. It Ain’t Safe (featuring Sabac)
14. Good (featuring D-Stroy)
15. Killer Collage (featuring Mr. Hyde & Ill Bill)
16. Watch How U Scheme (featuring Riviera Regime)
17. Runnin’ (featuring Ill Bill)
18. Este Es Lo Que Eh! (featuring Tony Touch & D-Stroy)
19. Psychological Warfare (Remix) 
1. Rise Above
2. Black Metal (featuring Ill Bill & Sick Jacken)
3. I’m Gon’ Ride (featuring Datin)
4. Bring Back The Raw Hip Hop (featuring Sicknature & Ill Bill)
5. HipHopGame.com Freestyle (featuring Ill Bill)
6. Breaking Point (featuring RADIx)
7. Some Day (featuring Big Steele)
8. The Hitman’s Code (featuring Jise One & Durte)
9. Don’t Touch That Dial (featuring Ill Bill)
10. Frank151 Freestyle (featuring Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac & Necro)
11. Urban Gorillas (featuring Vinnie Paz & Sabac)
12. Canarsie Artie’s Brigade (featuring Ill Bill, Goretex & Necro)
13. Street Villains 2 Freestyle (featuring Ill Bill)
14. Brooklyn South (featuring Nems)
15. Disposition (featuring Kemo The Blaxican)
16. The Game (featuring Axtext)
17. I’m a B-Boy (featuring Artson & Wiggles) 
01. The Resume
02. Diamond In The Ruff
03. One Shot
04. The Set Up
05. Nature Of The Beast
06. Me, Thats Who
07. H To The C (feat. Swel 79 & E-Dot)
08. The Ugly Place (Street Shit)
09. Better You Than Me
10. Canarsie Arties Revenge (feat. Goretex, Ill Bill & Necro)
11. Fathers Day
12. Psychological Warfare
13. Fashion Victims
14. Stone Cold
15. This Thing Of Ours (feat. Ill Bill) 
1.leave a message
3.Verse Two 
4.PF Cuttin’ Mix CD (feat. Swel 79)
5.Fondle Em Fossils (feat. Breeze, MF Doom & J Treds)
6.statistics (1993) 
7.K Salaam Mix CD (feat. Swel 79)
8.Spit, Volume 1
9.Rap Assassins (feat. D Stroy)
10.8th Wonder
11.Mel & Annmarie
12.DJ Honda Mix CD (feat. Slope Jise & Swel 79)
13.The Ultimate (1993   feat. Barretta)
14.Crime Rhyme Travel (First Draft)
15.The Boogie Down (feat. Street Sweepa)
16.Lyrical Minded
17.Used to Wish (feat. Street Sweepa)
18.Who What When 
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