Planet Asia

1. Tiger Stripes Feat Purple Kloud
2. Bass
3. Loogies Feat Godfather Part 3
4. Stupid Kush Feat Tristate & Killa Kali
5. Grade a Ism
6. Crack Stay Whippin
7. ExplicitI Done Met Stevie
8. Testify Your Love
9. Cup Over Filleth
10. Nautica Nagas
11. Tiger Stripes (Instrumental)
12. Bass (Instrumental)
13. Loogies (Instrumental)
14. Stupid Kush (Instrumental)
15. Grade a Ism (Instrumental)
16. Crack Stay Whippin (Instrumental)
17. I Done Met Stevie (Instrumental)
18. Testify Your Love (Instrumental)
19. Cup Over Filleth (Instrumental)
20. Nautica Nagas (Instrumental)

1. Egyptian Merchandise
2. In Time
3. Mack a Mill (feat. Ronello Cash)
4. Pirates of the Caribbean (feat. Killa Kali & Montage One)
5. Breathtaking
6. Pump Fake
7. Chocolate Milk for My Niggas
8. How We Choose (feat. F1)
9. Presidential Suites «Snakeskin Ribbons»
10. Take What You Got (feat. Washeyi Choir, Hus Kingpin & Tristate)
11. Vouchers
12. Egyptian Musk (feat. Lyric Jones)

1. Pain Languages
2. Pain Language (Alchemist Remix)
3. Pain Language (B-Real & Omar Cruz Remix)
4. Pain Language
5. Pain Language (Instrumental)
6. Pain Language (A Cappella)
7. 9mm (feat. B-Real)
8. 9mm (Kid Scratch Remix)
9. 9mm (feat. B-Real)
10. 9mm (feat. B-Real) [Instrumental]
11. 9mm (feat. B-Real) [A Cappella]
A1. Three Kings (Radio) [Featuring] – Krondon, Planet Asia
A2. Three Kings (Album)  [Featuring] – Krondon, Planet Asia
A3. The Long Run (Radio)
A4. The Long Run (Album)
B1. Three Kings (Instrumental)
B2. The Long Run (Instrumental)
B3. Opposition [Featuring] – Don Crisis
B4. Opposition (Instrumental)

A1. Pure Coke (Clean Version) Featuring – Martin Luther Producer – A Touch Of Jazz Productions
A2. Pure Coke (Explicit Version) Featuring – Martin Luther Producer – A Touch Of Jazz Productions
A3. Pure Coke (Instrumental) Featuring – Martin Luther Producer – A Touch Of Jazz Productions
A4. Pure Coke (Acapella) Featuring – Martin Luther Producer – A Touch Of Jazz Productions
B1. Livin’ It Up (Clean Version) Producer – Hi-Tek
B2. Livin’ It Up (Explicit Version) Producer – Hi-Tek
B3. Livin’ It Up (Instrumental) Producer – Hi-Tek
B4. Livin’ It Up (Acapella) Producer – Hi-Tek
A1. Bringin’ It Back (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)
A2. Bringin’ It Back (Kut Masta Kurt Remix) (Radio)
A3. Bringin’ It Back (Kut Masta Kurt Remix) (Instrumental)
B1. Bringin’ It Back (Original Version)
B2. Bringin’ It Back (Original Version) (Radio)
B3. Bringin’ It Back (Original Version) (Instrumental)

01. Pimp Columns feat. Killer Ben
02. Open Ocean feat. Killa Kali & Killer Ben
03. Diamonds, Dollars, And Gold
04. Shine On
05. Gold Chain Cocaine feat. Turbin & Rogue Venom
06. 2 Sides feat. Killer Ben
07. The Gods Speak feat. Killa Kali & Killer Ben
08. Take Money to Make Money feat. Mac Mall & B-Legit
09. The One Who Did It
10. Outro
1. Lost And Found
2. Grown Folks Talkin’ [Featuring] – Talib Kweli
3. Tell The World
4. All Mine  [Featuring] – Paul Wall
5. No Apologies [Featuring] – Raekwon
6. Fuck Rappers [Featuring] – Fashawn, Willie The Kid
7. Diamond Life [Featuring] – Camp Lo
8. Furniture
9. Mach One
10. Daggers And Darts [Featuring] – Rogue Venom, Tristate
11. Bruce Lee [Featuring] – Chace Infinite, Rasco
12. Golden State
13. Coons [Featuring] – Killer Ben
14. The Line Of Fire [Featuring] – Krondon, Phil The Agony, Picaso
15. Big Fish
16. External Motives  [Featuring] – Jacka, The, Mitchy Slick
17. Classical [Featuring] – Jasiri X, Ras Kass, Torae
18. Stay Ready [Featuring] – Dengee, Mistah FAB
19. Whirlwind Patterns
20. Dogon Outro

01. Intro (GCM Dateline) (Feat. Rich Curry) (Prod. By Tristate)
02. At The End Of The Day (Prod. By Jazmoto)
03. Riding For (Prod. By J Thrill)
04. GCM Meets ALC (Prod. By Alchemist)
05. 6 Percent (Skit) (Feat. Rich Curry) (Prod. By Tristate)
06. Calzoni (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
07. Sadams Mansion (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
08. All Of The Above (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
09. It’s The Chain (Feat. Denise Janae) (Prod. By Dirtydiggs)
10. Detention (Prod. By Evidence)
11. Gold Chain War (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
12. Love 4 Gold Chain (Skit) (Feat. Walt Liquor)
13. Mad As Hell (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
14. Chocolate Honeys (Prod. By Thayoo Ausar)
15. Pleasure & Pain (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
16. Blood Lust (Prod. By Architech)
17. Organic Food (Prod. By Large Professor)
18. Back It Up (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
19. Chain Of Command (Prod. By DJ Babu)
20. Future Shock (Prod. By Universal Subjective)

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