Phill Most Chill

4 fast, funky and very exclusive remixes of classic, classic, classic Phill Most Chill tracks. The accappellas of these tracks don’t exist – so this is the first time they’ve ever been remixed! All tracks produced by Bankrupt Europeans and the E.P. is released on Nobody-Buys-Records.
1. Release Yourself (Remix) – Vocal 
2. Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip (Remix) – Vocal
3.On Tempo Jack (Remix) – Vocal
4. Be Intelligent (Remix) – Vocal
5. Release Yourself (Remix) – Instrumental
6. Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip (Remix) – Instrumental 0
7. On Tempo Jack (Remix) – Instrumental
8. Be Intelligent (Remix) – Instrumental
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