Phi-Life Cypher

01. Worldwide 
02. Cordless Mics At 20 Paces (Feat. Skitz)
03. Distinguished Jamaican English (Feat. The Herbaliser)
04. Ill Force 
05. Showtime (Feat. Taskforce)
06. Cypher Funk 
07. The Shining 
08. A Time Of Chaos (Feat. Skitz)
09. Ghetto Rebels (Feat. Dj Vadim)
10. Red Alert (Feat. MCM)
11. Knew Rulez (Feat. DJ First Rate)
12. All Alone 
13. My Verse First (Feat. Dynamic Syncopation)
14. Over 
15. Exit 

Side PHI > 1NE
A1. Intro
A2. A. B. C.
A3. Crazy Balheads
A4. Millenium Metaphors
Side LIFE > 2WO
B1. Herbaholics
B2. Racists
B3. Take Heed
B4. Tiks Sappan
Side CY > THR33
C1. Fatcats
C2. Bad Man From The West
C3. Phi-Life Phi-Life
Side PHER > 40UR
D1. Last Men Standing
D2. Bring It To Ya
D3. Class A Material
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