One Man Army

Props To Dez
1. Intro
2. Return Of The Warrior
3. Wake Up Call
4. Backyard Of The Temple (feat. White Lotus)
5. Keep It Real (feat. DJ Twisted)
6. Illuminati Hunters (feat. Dr Creep & Truth Seekah)
7. Song Of Sorrow (feat. DJ Extremidiz)
8. Awakening Interlude
9. Ancient Army (feat. Sinister Stricken)
10. The Lost Years Of Jesus
11. Royal Dynasty
12. Secret Technique Of Verbal Assassination
13. Mystery Scrolls
14. The Final Chamber
15. Outro

CD 1
1. Intro
2. Anybody
3. Lesson #1
4. Mic Check  Featuring – Buff1
5. DRO
6. Fast Food Remix  Featuring – Decompoze, Illite, Magestik Legend
7. Take It 2 Da Stage  Featuring – Decompoze
8. What Time Is It
9. Here And Now
10. Alphabet Soup
11. One Man’s Mission
12. WaterWorld
13. The Grinch That…
14. Sportz Illa  Featuring – Decompoze
15. Candlestick
16. What It’s All About (Remix)  Featuring – Decompoze
17. Double Essay (S.S.A.) (Remix)
18. Freakin Flowz (Remix)  Featuring – Decompoze
19. One Man Army (Remix)
CD 2
1. Intro
2. Here And Now (Remix)
3. What Time Is It (Remix)
4. One Man’s Mission (Remix)
5. Sports Illa (Remix)
6. Lesson #1 (Remix)
7. Anybody (Remix)
8. One Man’s Mission (Remix) (Instrumental)
9. One Man’s Mission (Instrumental)
10. Anywhere (Instrumental)
11. Anybody (Remix) (Instrumental)
12. Here And Now (Instrumental)
13. Here And Now (Remix)
14. Waterworld (Instrumental)
15. What Time Is It (Instrumental)
16. Waterworldwide (Instrumental)
17. Sports Illa (Remix) (Instrumental)
1. Nocturnal Seekers (feat. Riishii G7 & Kalki) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet) (cutz DJ Twisted)
2. Battle Masters (feat. Dr Creep & Lone Ninja) (prod. Blaq Masq) (cutz DJ Madhandz)
3. On The Brink Of War (feat. The Jotaka Perverse & Lenguarmada) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet) (cutz DJ Joon)
4. Back On The Path (prod. White Lotus)
5. Wu-Disciples (feat. Dark Energy) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
6. Riders Of The Storm (feat. Dr Creep) (prod. Junior Makhno)
7. Sages Of The Ages (feat. Killer Falcon & White Lotus) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
8. Sombrios Dias (feat. Explicito, Amos, Buyaka San & Joey Menza) (prod. Explicito)
9. Doctrine Of Blood (feat. Dr Creep) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet) (cutz DJ Twisted)
10. Dark Breed (prod. Blaq Masq)
11. Haunted (feat. Mighty Kalipssus & Tesla’s Ghost) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
12. Old Methods (feat. Dr Creep, Sinister Stricken & Lone Ninja (prod. Mir The Bloody) (cutz DJ Vinoss)
13. At The Gates Of Oblivion (feat. SE7ENSANDMAN, Mesajah & Kalki) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
14. Watch History Bleed (feat. Dr Creep & JKrazy) (prod. Junior Makhno)
15. Spiritual Awakening (feat. TruthSeekah, Alexander The Great & Psycho Mind) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet) 
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