1. Intro
2. The Wayfarers Featuring Teach Em & Iron Braydz
3. Master Coo Featuring Menace Mendoza,Joey Menza & Gordo
4. Explosive Hands
5. Cosmic Trigger Featuring Robert Anton Wilson
6. Knowledge Quest Intermission
7. Journey To The Darkside Featuring Menace Mendoza
8. Elysium Featuring Ekyro,Nomad and A4
9. Cold
10. Necropolis Featuring Nomad
11. Park Bench Destiny
12. Cat Shuffler Featuring Nomad
13. Ninth Gate Featuring Nomad & Menace Mendoza
14. Violin Underworld
15. Acid Showers Featuring Cyrus Malachi,Ray Vendetta & Tesla’s Ghost
16. Knowledge Quest Outro
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