1. Prelude To Full Circle (Prod. by Nonsense)
2. Soldiers (feat. Veteran Assassins) (Prod. by Scifi Stu)
3. Logo In The Streets (Prod. by Ian J.)
4. Theory Conspiracy (feat. Notoriety) («All I Want Is You» Instrumental)
5. Black Moonshine (Trife Verse)
6. Slap A Rapper (Prod. by Phil The Pain)
7. Fine Print (feat. Timothy Rhyme & Matt Lowe) (Prod. by Phil The Pain)
8. The Game Is Crazy (feat. Bullet Brak) (Prod. by Nonsense)
9. Right Where I’m (feat. Andre Auram & Modern Day Soulja) (Prod. by Phil The Pain)
10. Do It For (feat. Bullet Brak) (Prod. by Nonsense)
11. Alone In The World (feat. Watch City) (Prod. by Matteo Getz)
12. Do It (Prod. by Joey Benjamins)
13. Looking For (feat. Chaundon & Timothy Rhyme) (Prod. by Phil The Pain)
14. Just The Way (feat. Edgar Allen Floe) (Prod. by Phil The Pain)
15. One Track At A Tme (Remix) (Prod. by D-Day The Destroyer)
16. Brockton (Nonsense Remix)
17. Whatever (Neosonic Remix) (Prod. by K-Murdock of Panacea)
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