Neek The Exotic

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Queens, New York – USA
1. Doing What We Know feat. Mr Cheeks, Father D & Big Leto
2. True Story
3. Nia Long
4. The Bottom feat. Mr Cheeks & Pop
5. What Kind Of Shit Is This feat. Freddie Foxx
6. Real NY City feat. Craig G
7. Most Underrated feat. Mr Cheeks & Big Leto
8. We On The Come Up feat. Mr Cheeks & Drama
9. L.B. Mafia feat. Mr Cheeks & Tommy Strong
10. True Story (Instrumental)
11. What Kind Of Shit Is This (Instrumental)

1. Skit (feat. DJ Premire)
2. Exoticness (feat. Mike Handz)
3. Welcome to the Hiphop Game
4. Nialong
5. Shineaintnew (feat. Satchel Page)
6. This Is How We Do It (feat. Satchel Page)
7. Keep It Competitive (feat. Satchel Page, Mike Handz & MacMotion)
8. Nialong (Instrumental)
9. Exoticness (Instrumental)
10. Welcome to the Hiphop Game (Instrumental)
11. Shineaintnew (Instrumental)
12. Bitch Nigga (Skit)

1 Get The City Warm
2 Till The Casket Drops
3 One Speed All Out
4 Boots Is Laced
5 Hustle Don’t Stop
6 Real Deal Hip-Hop
7 Fuck The World
8 Overseas With Officials
9 Hello Everybody
10 NYC Wave
11 Real Street Rap
12 Comin’ In Piles
13 Street Life
14 Dream Catcher
15 Patience In The Gamei
16 Ain’t Much Change
17 Like No Other
18 Ain’t Playing No Games
19 We Hot
20 Sweet 16s

X1. Large Professor And Neek The Exotic – Rhyme Mania ’99 (Clean)
X2. Large Professor And Neek The Exotic – Rhyme Mania ’99 (Dirty)
X3. Large Professor And Neek The Exotic – Rhyme Mania ’99 (Instrumental)
Y1. Masta Ace – NY Confidential (Clean)
Y2. Masta Ace – NY Confidential (Dirty)
Y3. Masta Ace – NY Confidential (Instrumental)

thanks Rase 
01.Get the city warm (con Bumpy Knuckles)
02.Till the casket drops
03.One speed all out (con Satchel Page)
04.Boots is laced
05.Hustle don’t stop
06.Real deal Hip Hop (con DJ JS-1)
07.Fuck the world (con Satchel Page)
08.Overseas with officials (con Large Pro)
09.Hello everybody (con Satchel Page, O.C. & Sadat X)
10.NYC wave (con Satchel Page)
11.Real street rap (con Satchel Page)
12.Comin’ in piles (Extended Version) (con B-1 & Mayhem Lauren)
13.Street life (con Father D & Royal Flush)
14.Dream catcher (con Mic Handz & Satchel Page)
15.Patience in the game (con Fame Feddi)
16.Ain’t much change (con Satchel Page)
17.Like no other (con Fame Feddi)
18.Ain’t playin’ no games
19.We hot (con Satchel Page)
20.Sweet 16s (Remix) (con Satchel Page, Mikey D, Sadat X, Large Professor)
1. Intro (prod. by Big Grudge)
2. N.E.E.K. (prod. by Big Grudge)
3. Prepared To Get Stomped (prod. by Large Professor)
4. Make That Money feat. Royal Flush (prod. by Large Professor)
5. Don’t Stop (prod. by Large Professor)
6. Exotic’s Raw feat. Large Professor (prod. by Large Professor)
7. Backs ‘N’ Necks (prod. by Large Professor)
8. Cake Up feat. Da Blak Boyz (prod. by J-Love)
9. Letter To Ma feat. Jasmine Lowther (prod. by J-Love)
10. Hardcore feat. Large Professor (prod. by Large Professor)
11. Straight Out To Get It feat. Da Blak Boyz (prod. by Big Grudge)
12. Queens Anthem (prod. by Big Grudge)
13. The Mothafuckin Man feat. Joe Flav (prod. by Large Professor)
14. This Here’s Gangsta feat. Royal Flush & Universal (prod. by Large Professor)
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