1. I’m your Idol
2. DopeSick
3. Reign In Blood (feat. Necro)
4. Street Veteran (feat. Necro)
5. Swordfish
6. Anguish & Agression
7. The Big Sleep
8. White Slavery
9. Scumbags
10. Frank Zito
11. Our Life
12. Morbid Shit
13. Every Second Someone Dies
14. Fire
15. Talking Shit
16. Watch Ya Toes
17. The Big Sleep (Remix)
1. Who’s Ya Daddy?
2. ExplicitPussy Is My Weakness
3. ExplicitWhore
4. Edge Play
5. Suckadelic
6. You Bitches Love to Get F****d in the Ass
7. ExplicitPiss
8. Out the Pocket
9. She’s Got a Great Ass!
10. I Wanna Fuck
11. We Fuck Virgins
12. Horny Honeys
13. I Remain Stiff
14. The Sexpert
15. I Degrade You
16. Vaginal Secretions
17. You Ho (Remix)
320 Kbps

1. The Most Sadistic
2. Hoe Blow
3. I Need Drugs
4. Your Fuck Head Split
5. You’re Dead
6. Get On Your Knees
7. Rugged Shit
8. I’m Sick of You
9. Cockroaches
10. Fuck You to the Track
11. Burn the Groove to Death
12. Underground
13. S.T.D.
14. WKCR 89.9 Freestyle 4/20/2000
15. WNYU 89.1 X-Mas Freestyle 12/23/99
16. WNYU 89.1 Freestyle 5/10/2000

A1. Bury You With Satan
A2. World Gone Mad
A3. Light My Fire
A4. Circle Of Tyrants
B1. Dead Body Disposal
B2. You’re All Dying
B3. All Hotties Eat The Jizz
B4. Scalpel
C1. 12 King Pimp Commandments
C2. Gory Days
C3. Poetry In The Streets
C4. Don’t Try To Ruin It
D1. One Way Or Another
D2. Morbid
D3. 24 Shots
D4. Violins Of Violence

1. Fuck Commercial Rap
2. Fuck Commercial Rap (Dr. Slayer Remix)
3. Fuck Commercial Rap (Spartacus Remix)
 4. Fuck Commercial Rap (Instrumental)
 5. Fuck Commercial Rap (Dr. Slayer Remix (Instrumental))
 6. Fuck Commercial Rap (Spartacus Remix (Instrumental))
7. Fuck Commercial Rap (A cappella w/ Cuts)
8. Fuck Commercial Rap (A cappella) Vocals Only


1. Who’s Ya Daddy?
2. Your Fuckin’ Head Split
3. I Need Drugs
4. Dead Body Disposal
5. Poetry In The Streets
6. Beautiful Music For You To Die To
7. Underground
8. Murder Ya Life
9. Creepy Crawl
10. Our Life
11. Bury You With Satan
12. Get On Ya Knees
13. Push It To The Limit
14. The Most Sadistic
15. No Remorse
16. Pop Ya Head Off
17. Creepy Crawl (HS Remix)
18. Asbestos (KK Remix)
19. Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Original Iml Mix)
20. You Ho (Original JM Mix)

01. Teflon Dons
02. The City
03. High Tension
04. Punched Dead In The Face (Skit)
05. Black Medicine
06. Omerta
07. The Pain
08. Hustler
09. We’ll Kill You
10. Crook Catastrophe & The Gunblast Kid
11. Unsub
12. I Hate You (Skit)
13. Gangsta
14. Trigga 4 Hire
15. American Sickos
16. Wolf Eyes
17. Heart Attack
18 Once Upon A Crime
A1. The Most Sadistic (Unsanitary) [Featuring] – Ill Bill
A2. The Most Sadistic (30 Days Clean) [Featuring] – Ill Bill
A3. The Most Sadistic (Nuttin To Say)
A4. The Most Sadistic (Wordz Of Evil) [Featuring] – Ill Bill
B1. You’re Dead (Unsanitary) [Featuring] – Ill Bill
B2. You’re Dead (Nuttin To Say)
B3. Your Fxxxing Head Split (Unsanitary)
B4. Your Fxxxing Head Split (Nuttin To Say)

01. Intro
02. Beautiful Music For You To Die To (Morlockko Plus Remix)
03. Kill That Shit (Morlockko Plus Remix)
04. Reflections Of Children Coming Up In The Grave feat. Charlie (Morlockko Plus Remix)
05. Some Get Back (Revenge) (Morlockko Plus Remix)
06. Viva Necro (Morlockko Plus Remix)
07. I Remain Stiff feat. Manson Whore & Dick Nasty (Morlockko Plus Remix)

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