1. Progression (Produced By: EFREEZEE) 
2. Flip The Coin (Produced By: TCG) 
3. Tearz Featuring Bliss & Life Scientist (Produced By: ALKOHOLIKA PROZENTA) 
4. If It Wasn’t For You (Produced By: DEE ARE) 
5. Climb Inside You (Produced By: FONKA ALTRUIST) 
6. Celestial Destiny Featuring Life Scientist (Produced By: ZEWS) 
7. Doppelbangerz (Freestyle) (Produced By: ALKOHOLIKA PROZENTA) 
8. The Goetia Featuring Amun Morb, Naja Gemini & Illy Idol (Produced By: DEE ARE) 
9. Bloody Teeth Featuring Son Of Saturn (Remix)(Produced By: FONKA ALTRUIST) 
10. Comeback Featuring Life Scientist & Yedidyah Ben Sion (Produced By RYTMIVOLLYMI) 
11. Starfighters Featuring Yedidyah Ben Sion (Produced By: MIR THE BLOODY) 
12. You’ll Be There (Produced By: DREADY MERCURY) 
1. Dancin’ Wit Myself (The Introduction)
2. Rebel Rouzah (feat. Big Tim)
3. No A.C. (Freestyle)
4. Bloody Teeth (feat. Son Of Saturn)
5. Drowning (feat. Skull -B, Blacc Suhn, Naja Gemini & Yedidyah Ben Sion)
6. A Date With The Macrobes
7. En Elevacion Constante (feat. York Siddhartha)
8. No, Please Don’t Stop!
9. In The Zone For Three (feat. MC Monsieur & Big Tim)
10. The Narrow Trail (feat. Son Of Saturn)
11. Comes A Time
12. The Viscous Kiss Of Miss Perdition (feat. Son Of Saturn)
13. Inception 
01-Mysterious Vibes 
03-Picture Perfect Feat. Doctor Oscify & Ethiks(thenextepidemik) 
04-Caro Quintero 
05-Lown Ranger 
06-Complex Man 
08-Naja Gemini 
09-Miles From Home 
10-Tear It Down Feat. Big Tim 
11-Looking Glass 
12-The Hood Year Pimp Feat. TMFSE 
13-New York Mike 
14-All Of A Sudden 
15-Asphalt Featuring Doctor Oscify 
16-Chorus Babblebones 
17-Tongues Featuring Turtle Handz 
18-Radio Kill Featuring Reel Deep Music & Ethiks(thenextepidemik) 
19-The Truth Feat. Big Tim, Nacirema & Ethiks(thenextepidemik) 
20-Twilite Feat. Turtle Hands 
21-Wake Up Feat. Skimp Killah & Doctor Oscify 
22-Werk Featuring Ethiks(thenextepidemik)  

1.No Air
2.Breathe Hard
4.Let It Go
5.New Speak Euphamist
8.Guns, Germs & Steel
11-Conspiracy Theory
12.Get It Girl
13.Collecting Cans
14.Death Come Creeping
16.Where You At
18.Four Letter Word   
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