lord lhus


1. No Hate
2. Keep On
3. Cursed & Wicker People Skit
4. 3 Amigos (feat. Dirty Dike & Jace Abstract)
5. Last Night (feat. La Féfile Good)
6. Colonize The Colonisers (feat. Babylon Warchild)
7. Story’s
8. Get Hight
9. Easy Take Easy (feat. Gavlyn)
10. Not A MC (feat. Jmega)
11. The Sadists (feat. Droogz Brigade)
12. Drugs Addicts (feat. Benihana Kenobi)
13. Suicide Note & Hell Gates Skit
14. Welcome To Hell
15. Bragging Rights (feat. Milez Grimez, Words & Dirty Dickens)
16. Journey Into The Mind
17. Having Orgy’s (feat. Psl)
18. I Vermisse Di
19. Lonelylines
20. Monstermash  


1. Who Are You
2. Get Down
3. Platoon Goons  [Featuring] – Reef The Lost Cauze
4. Trapped On Earth  [Featuring] – Brainstorm
5. Run Run
6. At War  [Featuring] – Sean Price
7. Knuckle Up
8. One Shot
9. Pray Hard  [Featuring] – Sicknature – Vibez
11. Michael Nobody Aka Poetic Death
12. Planetary Takeover  [Featuring] – Planet X
13. All In Your Mind  [Featuring] – Viro The Virus
14. Capital City Streetz
15. Snakes
16. Hip Hop Crusaders  [Featuring] – Kev Turner, King Syze
17. Been Fighting Devilz

01. Lord Lhus – Drop This feat. Droogz Brigade (prod. by Al’Tarba)
USA x France
02. Lord Lhus – Volle Moane/Full Moon feat. Nachtkruper (prod. by Laupie Uno & cuts by DJ FLD)
USA x Belgium
03. Lord Lhus – Good Vibez feat. Reks (prod. & cuts by DJ Vinylman)
USA x Switzerland
04. Lord Lhus – Cries Of War feat. Perseverance & Grone Da Radikal (prod. by Nizuk)
USA x France
05. Lord Lhus – Mortal Kombat feat. Kruscifix (prod. by Komander & cuts by DJ Veritas)
USA x Slovakia
06. Lord Lhus – Stand Still feat. J Who, Malo, Persoonlijk (PSL), Shape MC & Faze (prod. by TReBeats)
USA x Switzerland x Netherlands
07. Lord Lhus – A Grand Declaration Of War feat. Billy White & Strick9 (prod. by Pheend Supreme)
08. Lord Lhus – Gäud feat. Dash (prod. by dl.orion)
USA x Switzerland
09. Lord Lhus – Zákazníci feat. eLKa (prod. & cuts by Dalda)
USA x Czech Republic
10. Lord Lhus – Painful Truth feat. Kasseb, Ali Dahesh & Unknown Mizery (prod. by Ali Dahesh)
USA x Canada x Iran
11. Lord Lhus – Raw Style feat. Group Therapy & N’ (prod. by Group Therapy)
USA x Switzerland
12. Lord Lhus – Schafseckel feat. LXcellent (prod. by Sikk of Genetikk)
USA x Switzerland
13. Lord Lhus – Full Blown Chaos feat. Wyze Mindz, Venom & Malikiah (prod. by Eternel & cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
USA x Germany
14. Lord Lhus – Operation Hammerschlag feat. Finest Skillz & Abroo (prod. by SoulSeller Beats & cuts by DJ Maxim)
USA x Germany
15. Lord Lhus – Violins Of Blood feat. Fubar & Hutch Devil (prod. by DJ Rhum’1 & cuts by DJ Twisted)
USA x France
16. Lord Lhus – Mutanaf-Ass feat. Mind Techniques, Tha Solomonic, JP, Sefs & SM (prod. by Geesbeats & Jazz Tha Process)
USA x Switzerland x Saudi Arabia
17. Lord Lhus – Embodiment Of Evil feat. Gutta, Empne, EQ & Pole (prod. by TReBeats & cuts by D-Cypha)
USA x Greece x Switzerland
18. Lord Lhus – This Is For Y’all (remix) feat. Eternel & Unkn?wn (prod. by Art Aknid & cuts by The White Shadow Of Norway)
USA x France x Norway
19. Lord Lhus – Das Ist Nicht Rap (remix) feat. Zeugen Des Wahnsinns (prod. by Sicktunes & cuts by DJ Lowhorst)
USA x Germany
20. Lord Lhus – Fate (remix) feat. Apacalypze (prod. by Komander)
USA x Slovakia
21. Lord Lhus – Illegal Transactions (remix) feat. Eversor & Rival (prod. by Eversor & cuts by DJ Cut Brawl)
USA x Greece x France
22. Lord Lhus – Repeat feat. Crop, Unknown Mizery & Dezz (prod. by Sicktunes)
USA x Germany x Canada

1. Warning Shots (prod. by DJ Low Cut)
2. We Coming In ft. MysterDL (prod. by Sicktunes)
3. Slangbangas ft. Psych Ward (prod. by Jnyce)
4. Preemptive Strike ft. Zodiak Killa & Unknown Mizery (prod. by Blackout)
5. Demonic Human (prod. by Motion)
6. The Filthy (prod. by Vokab)
7. One Tablespoon ft. Knowledge (prod. by Ghengis Khan)
8. Go Hard Or Go Home ft. Choo Biggz (prod. by 2deep)
9. Castlevania ft. Unknown Mizery (prod. by 4th Regiment)
10. A New Way Of Thinking ft. Billy White & EQ (prod. by Pheened)
11. Nivico ft. June Marx & Ascended Masters (prod. by DeeAre)
12. Modern Gods ft. Unknown Mizery & Killer Falcon (prod. by Al’Tarba)
13. Empty Handed Warriors ft. UGR (prod. by GeesBeats)
14. Lie Awake ft. Block Parents (prod. by Danny King)
15. God Degree ft. Ill Mega & Frantik (prod. by Frantik)
16. Just Because ft. Aldmiral Crumple (prod. by Admiral Crumple)
17. Normandy Beach ft. Meta P & Milez Grimez (prod. by ORLOV)
18. Stress Life ft. Tireless Crew (prod. by Metronom)
19. Démon D’la Rime ft. Savage Brothers & Le Bunker (prod. by D’Jin)
20. S.C. Streets (Szur Remix)
21. Three Headed Beast Of Karma ft. Dr. VooDoo & Jak Tripper (prod. by I.N.C.H)
Scykotikz are Eternel, Unknown & Lord Lhus. These tracks are all old songs from 2003-2009 that was never released.

01. Intro 
02. Acid Falls ft Aksingin
03. Real Life 
04. Give it to you
05.Hip Hop Reality
06. Closing In
07. Striver of the Light 
08. Ride with Me
09. Lonliness ft Qualm 
10. Annialation (ft. Eternel & Unkn?wn)
11. Logical Wordplay
12. Kick Only the Raw ft. Fatha Death
13. The ending (never finished)


1. At War Pt 2 ft Ruste Juxx (Prod by Snowgoons)
2. Game Time (Prod by Eversor)
3. Massacre ft Chief Kamachi (Prod by Snowgoons)
4. Return Of The Fist ft Virtuoso (Prod by The White Shadow)
5. Pray For Your Life ft Sicknature (Prod by Sicknature)
6. Smoke & Mirrors (Prod by Snowgoons)
7. 5 Criminals ft King Magnetic, Venom & Freestyle (Prod by 5th Criminal)
8. We Dont Give A Fuck (Prod by The Returners)
9. South East ft Supastition (Prod by Shuko)
10. Real Goons ft Dr. iLL (Prod by Crown)
11. Last Days ft Brainstorm (Prod by Tango & Cash)
12. Step On Us (Prod by Hitfarmers)
13. Music ft Vibez (Prod by Snowgoons)
14. Piledriver (Prod by Snowgoons)
15. Progress ft Grindhouse Gang, Words & Rhymes (Prod by Sicknature)
16. Uncanny Valley ft The Uncanny (Prod by Velvet Sick)
17. On The Run (Prod by Vokab) 

1. Underground Church (feat. Unknown Mizery & Influenza)
2. Tragedy (feat. Jace Abstract)
3. 1992 (feat. Jmega)
4. Gang Rape (Grindhouse Gang Diss)
5. Friday The 13th
6. ZZ Top (feat. Influenza & PSL Persoonlijk)
7. The Elite Group (feat. Words & Rhymes)
8. Toronto Transactions (feat. Profit Pre, KDB & Unknown Mizery)
9. Murderfest (feat. True Masterz)
10. Dit Jaar (feat. PSL Persoonlijk & Influenza)
11. SC4L (feat. General B)
12. Breakdown (feat. Psych Ward)
13. Underground Slovak (feat. Kali)
14. Titans (feat. Jakob22 & Savage Brothers)
15. The Light (feat. Babylon Warchild, Black & Qualm)
16. Ja!!Ja!! (feat. Cerebros, PSL Persoonlijk & Unknown Mizery)
17. Fress Den Bordstein (feat. Reece & Ferum)
18. Freestyle
19. Message To The Underground (Snowgoons Diss) (feat. Unknown Mizery)  

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