Large Professor

A1. Chris Lowe & Large Professor – CT To Queens (Uncut Action) (Dirty)
A2. Chris Lowe & Large Professor – CT To Queens (Uncut Action) (Clean)
A3. Chris Lowe & Large Professor – CT To Queens (Uncut Action) (Instrumental)
B1. Chris Lowe – Never Heard It Like This (Dirty)
B2. Chris Lowe – Never Heard It Like This (Clean)
B3. Chris Lowe  – Never Heard It Like This (Instrumental)


1 A New Day Begins
2 MARS (Dream Team)  feat. AZ, Redman & Styles P 
3 Industry
4 More
5 Reflection
6 D.U. (Divine Unity)  feat. Nature 
7 Honorable  feat. Raekwon 
8 Rap Basquiat
9 Rise  feat. Maya Azucena 
10 Home  feat. Black Rob
11 Valuable Lessons

1. Wins Tonz
2. Open
3. The Skip d Dip
4. Pun Tres Leches
5. Heyyyy Mannnn!
6. Flushing Queens Day
7. 7 Train P
8. Tribe Called Quest
9. Wit The Disco Strut
10. Out All Night
11. Dream Child
12. Love Wit U
13. Still Hangin’ Out
14. Secret Agent
15. The Break
16. Good Guy Bad Guy
17. Beginning
18. After School

Disco debút en solitario del reputado mc y productor neoyorquino, que se dió a conocer a finales de los 80 en el grupo Main Source junto a Sir Scratch y K-Cut. Otra de sus hazañas es haber sido el descubridor del gran Nas.
2.’Bout that Time
4.Brand New
5.Stay Chisel (Featuring Nas) (Contains a sample from «Wild Dogs» by Jim Capaldi)
6.Akinyele (Live at the BBQ, Pt. 2) (Featuring Akinyele)
7.In the Sun (Featuring Q-Tip) (Produced by Xplicit)
8.Born to Ball
9.Kool (Produced by J-Love)
10.The Man
11.Large Pro
12.Alive in Stereo (Produced by Hill Inc.)
13.Blaze Rhymez II
14.On (Featuring Busta Rhymes)
15.Hip Hop

X1. Large Professor And Neek The Exotic – Rhyme Mania ’99 (Clean)
X2. Large Professor And Neek The Exotic – Rhyme Mania ’99 (Dirty)
X3. Large Professor And Neek The Exotic – Rhyme Mania ’99 (Instrumental)
Y1. Masta Ace – NY Confidential (Clean)
Y2. Masta Ace – NY Confidential (Dirty)
Y3. Masta Ace – NY Confidential (Instrumental)

01 Intro
02 That Bullshit
03 Hungry
05 Funky 2 Listen 2
06 Mad Scientist
07 Hard
08 One Plus One (feat. Nas)
09 The LP (For My People)
10 Dancin’ Girl
11 Large Pro: Verbs
12 Havin’ Fun
13 Spacey (feat. Neek the Exotic & Vandemator)
14 Amaman
15 Queens Lounge
16 Bowne
17 Big Willie
18 Outro 
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