Krazy Race

Krazy Race’s label, Realizm Rekords, dropped the 25-track compact disc (enough for a double cd or two-volume set) in late 2012 just in time to celebrate the coming of the Sixth Sun and the new world it promises to bring. The cd signals what might be coming in the next age as the veteran Los Angeles underground emcee teams up with an international cast of producers. The producers of The International Project come from 16 different countries including Spain, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Slovakia, India, and Colombia. Krazy Race also teams up with a number of different emcees from across the country who deliver gems on their guest verses. 
1. Let It Be Known ft. Javie Lopez 01:26
2. Gladiators ft. Abusivo 03:28
3. Black Angels ft. XP of Rhyme Addicts, Smokey Rob of Gutterfame & EQ 04:11
4. Beats, Bars & Spit ft. Pawz One, Destruct & inDJnous 03:32
5. Beat Box Interlude 00:35
6. L.L.U.H.H ft. Godilla & Lil Race 02:18
7. Murder Fest ft. Capitol I-Man of Tha Mexakinz 02:31
8. Black Out ft. I-Suppose, Mesidge & DJ Qvali 03:17
9. Reflections ft. Vic Garcia of All Else Fails 03:00
10. Guns, Bullets & Kevlar ft. Sporty Loco 04:14
11. Krazy Race, Weirdo Beats – You Never Know 02:38
12. International Project Interlude 01:33
13. Krazy Race, elespecialista, Ricassay – The Journey ft. Ricasshay 02:31
14. Chemtrails 03:29
15. Love Gone Wrong ft. Nancy Ocampo 03:10
16. The Gift & The Curse 02:36
17. From The Heart ft. Diamonique 03:27
18. Master of Ceremonies ft. dRumrap 03:58
19. Bloodline ft. Olmeca of Acid Reign 03:21
20. Sword of Revolution ft. Thief Sicario 03:25
21. Desperado ft. Mr. Gremlin, Top Dime, & Mexicali of BLC 04:12
22. Wack MC’s ft. Los Crux 03:26
23. My Definition 02:37
24. Cali 2 Colombia DJ Dap ft. Ali aka Mind & Krazy Race 02:58
25. Cypher of Destruction ft. Loco Rodriguez 02:42
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