1. Make It Twice
  2. Come Back to the Funk
  3. Got Into Something
  4. Straighten It Out
  5. The Next Level Lude
  6. The Jazz Box
  7. Is It Good to You
  8. In the Moment
  9. Mystic Ride Elements
  10. West Coastin
  11. Da Boom Groove
  12. Can You Dig It
  13. Do You Remember
  14. Asian Funk Mood
  15. A Different Breed
  16. Drive Music
  17. Then What You Want
  18. Secret Squirel
  19. On the Right Track
  20. In Hong Kong
  21. Nightmare on Ghettoman Street
  22. Crusin in My Ride
  23. The MPC Jazz Encore
1. Uneke – De’1 & K-Def – Instrumental / Scratch Track   
2. How Nice I Am – World Renown – Instrumental Version   
3. KRIS Beat ’93 – Almost made it on Return of the Boom Bap LP – Unreleased Instrumental   
4. For The Family – Mic Geronimo – Instrumental Version   
5. The Boys – Featuring Blu – Vocal Version   
6. Lord Jazz hit Me One Time – LOTUG – Unreleased Instrumental Version from OG Floppy   
7. Return of The Life – Trag – Instrumental Version   
8. Fundamentals (Real Live Remix) – Featuring Blu & Quartermaine – Vocal Version   
9. Strawberry Lemonade ft Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk, & Kunal – Vocal Version    
10. Some Ole Sah B Shh – Sah B – Instrumental Version   
11. What Im After (K-Def Remix) – LOTUG – Instrumental Version 


A1. K To The Def (Introduction)
A2. A Threat To Society
A3. Creeping Out
A4. A Message From Biz
A5. Almost There
A6. Lean Wit’ Me
A7. My Funky Soul Experience
A8. Driving Around With Da Funk
A9. Syncopated Funk
A10. Sounds Like … But It’s Not
B1. The Day Before The Storm
B2. Shakin’ Off The Haters
B3. Getting Into Funk
B4. On Something (Skit)
B5. Untouchable Funk Lesson
B6. A Testament To The Craft (Interlude)
B7. Trouble In The Garden State
B8. A Message From Jim & Larry O
B9. Speakers Were Up Loud
B10. Reminiscent Of The Golden Era
B11. Gotta Get Away Featuring – AG, Damu The Fudgemunk
B12. Outro

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