Jon Murdock

1. The War Is On (feat. Lex Starwind)
2. Sadness Theme (feat. Ricky Fitz)
3. Death War (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)
4. Ill Vibe
5. Keep It Real (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)
6. If I (feat. Lex Starwind)
7. The Theme (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)
8. Why (feat. Ricky Fitz)
9. Maria
10. Domination (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)
11. My Kingdom (feat. Lex Starwind)
12. Organized Crime
13. Broken Seams
14. Starting Over
15. Recitation
16. Foundation (feat. Lex Starwind)
17. Hooded Claw (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)
18. Urge to Spit (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)
19. Acid Flow (feat. Ricky Fitz & Lex Starwind)


Foundation was founded in 1999 by The Hypnotist aka Jon Murdock, Weapon X aka Lex Starwind and Scientific aka Ricky Fitz. They created the home spun, basement, underground grimy hip-hop style that many know and love today. The group originated in Phoenixville, PA and released there first solo project on the street level in mid 2001 entitled “Call 9-11″. Their follow up group Album “Ground Zero” was released in 2003 with the help of Sagittarius of Zodiac Productions. 

03.Enemy’s Close By 
04.First Blood 
05.Can’t Spit 
06.Six to your Knot 
07.Independence Day 
08.Yo Ass 
09.Respect Who 
13.Through the Speaker 

01. Dark City Intro
02. Myslayic (feat. Lex Starwind)
03. Death Angel (feat. Scientific)
04. Realism (Well Protected) (feat. Lex Starwind)
05. Behind the Eyes (feat. Scientific)
06. Hardly Safe (Intro)
07. Hardly Safe (feat. Lex Starwind & Scientific)
08. P.O. Double
09. Long Ago (feat. Scientific)
10. Labreddation
11. Nirvana Freestyle
12. Rap City (feat. Scientific)
13. Brian Sabo Interlude
14. The Interview (feat. Lex Starwind)
15. Fire
16. Love Me or Hate Me (feat. Scientific)
17. Tales from the Darkside (feat. Lex Starwind & Scientific)
18. Sun Set in the East
19. Dark Interlude
20. Murdockulous (feat. Lex Starwind)
21. Sleep Now Outro 

01. Demonist (feat. Lex Starwind)
02. Hear No Evil
03. Dark City War
04. Dark Metropolis
05. Heartbeat
06. Home of the Brave (feat. Lex Starwind)
07. Dangerous
08. The Games Over
09. 30 Days (feat. Ricky Fitz)
10. Loud & Clear (feat. Scientific)
11. Muscle (feat. Lex Starwind)
12. Sabo, Part II (feat. Brian Sabo)
13. Seasons Greetings (feat. Lex Starwind)
14. Bada Bada (feat. Lex Starwind)
15. Some Will Do Anything (feat. Lex Starwind)
16. The Young White Lady (feat. Ricky Fitz, Lex Starwind, Sid & DJ SL)
17. Gear Box (feat. Black Rob)
18. No Choices 
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