John Forte

1. What A Difference [Featuring] – Dinah Washington
2. Harmonize [Featuring] – Robyn Springer
3. What You’re Used To
4. Trouble Again [Featuring] – Tricky
5. All The Pretty People
6. Take Time, Slow Down
7. Beware [Featuring] – Jeni Fujita, Luca
8. Been There, Done That [Featuring] – Carly Simon
9. How Could I?
10. Out Of Bed
11. Hungry
12. Dearest Father
14. Reunion
Composer, music producer, educator and activist. He achieved fame while writing, producing and performing with the celebrated hip hop group The Fugees during the 1990s, and has released four solo albums, including his most recent effort, Water Light Sound, released in September 2011.


1. Hot (Intro)
2. They Got Me [Featuring] – Destruct, Fat Joe
3. Ninety Nine (Flash The Message)
4. God Is Love God Is War
5. We Got This [Featuring] – DMX
6. P.B.E. (Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent)
7. The Right One / Father To Son Interlude [Featuring] – Pras
8. Madina Passage [Featuring] – Baracus, Casino Red, El Harim, St. Nikolas
9. All You Gotta Do
10. All Fucked Up
11. Poly Sci
12. Born To Win / Riddle Of Steel Interlude
13. Flash The Message [Featuring] – Butter
14. Hot (Outro) Backing 

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