1. 22:21 produced by Mir the Bloody
2. Ward Produced by Mittenberg
3. The Circus Produced by Mittenberg
4. Untamed Produced by UV
5. 2 Sides by Produced by Beatahoe
6. Don’t Want You by Beatahoe
7. Love the Hate feat Devilz Speciez prod by Blue Earth (Carpe Central Productions)
8. Insanity produced by Blue Earth (Carpe Central Productions)
9. Kill my Doctor produced by Mittenburg
10. Help Me Out  produced by Mittenburg
11. Still A Dream produced by Mittenburg
12. Real Words produced by Mittenburg
13. Figure It Out  produced by Blue Earth (Carpe Central Productions)
Bonus. Circus (The Remix) featuring J Reno The Sadist, Molly Gruesome VoodooMan,(So Sick Social ) Jnyce(Psych Ward), and Massacre  produced by Mittenburg   
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