Hard Knocks

Like so many crews, the Hard Knocks (emcee Hardhead and deejay Stoneface) were doomed by their satanic contract on Wild Pitch Records to drop a solid but virtually unheard LP, in this case School of Hard Knocks. Although Wild Pitch’s infamous history of mismanagement and strict adherence to Industry Rule # 4,080 is duly noted, one should not hastily assume that the Hard Knocks’ nosedive into ultra-obscurity is entirely attributable to show biz woes. Rapper Hardhead delivers respectable, sincere poetry but his voice is monotonous and his flow is so stilted that it becomes difficult to evaluate the lyrics on their own merit.


1. Dirty Cop Named Harry
2. Nigga For Hire
3. Ghetto Love
4. Thoughts Of A Negro
5. Opposite Side
6. Road To The Precinct
7. A Blow To The Head
8. Hands Of A Stranger
9. Runaway Child, Running Wild
10. Young Black Male
11. Young Guns
12. Strictly From The Bronx

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