grim reaperz

1. The Cycle (Street Version)
2. Dollars & Cents (Street Version)
3. The Cycle (Illuminate Version)
5. The Cycle (feat. Furax Barbarossa, Jeff Le Nerf, Scylla)
6. The Cycle (Street Version – Instrumental)
7. Dollars & Cents (Street Version – Instrumental)
8. The Cycle (Illuminate Version – Instrumental)
9. Dollars & Cents (Roots Version – Instrumental)
10. The Cycle (Guests Version – Instrumental)
Props to Dez-Flight
1. I Squeez (feat. Grand Agent)
2. Here We Are (feat. Soulstice, Main Flow & DJ Nixon)
3. The Message (feat. PMD, Flynt, Akhenaton, Lil Dap, & Chinch 33)
4. Back In The Dayz (feat. Kouzumin, El Da Sensei, Paloalto & DJ Venum)-
5. R To The X (feat. RADIx)
6. Pieces To The Puzzle (feat. Rasco & Chinch 33)
7. Warning (feat. Dadoo & DJ P)
8. Survival Challenge (feat. Reks, Kool Sphere, Krumb Snatcha & Chinch 33)
9. No Doubtz (feat. Phil The Agony, Saigon & J-Hood)
10. Ecrans De Fumee (feat. Scylla)
11. What’s The World Needs Now (feat. Caxton Press)
12. Then And Now (feat. Tribeca, Kwote1 & Prime)
13. W.W.W. Part 2 (feat. Rhyme-A)
14. Street Life (feat. Gys, Demi Portion & Phileas Flow)
15. Lesson (feat. Masta Ace, Vorheez, Freestyle & Chinch 33)
16. Rap Life (feat. Eric Sosa, Otis Clap, Top $ Raz)
17. En Roue Libre (feat. A.T.K, Gwenzel, Faycal, Tupan & DJ Venum)
18. Secret (feat. SonReal) (Bonus)

1. Dungeon Funk (feat. Aslan, Swift Guad, Omen Ra & Cenzino) (cuts by Chinch33)
2. The Next Plateau (feat. King Magnetic (AOTP), Sycksyllables & Kwote1) (cuts by Chinch33)
3. Fuck U (feat. Les Zakariens & Freestyle (Arsonists)) (cuts by Dj Metodh)
4. La Mort (feat. Scylla, Furax & L’Hexaler)
5. Hand Signs (feat. Adlib, Nine & Godilla) (cuts by Dj Nixon)
6. The End (feat. Kwote1 & Papi Jamon) (cuts by Crown)
7. Dungeon Funk Instrumental
8. The Next Plateau Instrumental
9. Fuck U Instrumental
10. La Mort Instrumental
11. Hand Signs Instrumental
12. The End Instrumental 
1. Flamethrowers feat. R.A The Rugged Man, Evil Intentions, Bekay & Vitiate (cuts by White Shadow of Norway)
2. Skeleton Key feat. Shaz Illyork 
3. Lock It Down feat. Epidemic (cuts by Dj Qvali) 
4. Visionary feat. B.A.M (cuts by Chinch 33)
5. Can’t Fawk Wit Us feat. Verbal Kent, Kwote1, Prime & Sycksyllables
6. Trials & Tribulations feat. Vorheez & Reks (cuts by Dj Grazzhoppa) 
1. So Wrong (feat. Snak The Ripper & Psych Ward)
2. Bring The Wolves In (feat. Sycksyllables, Gutta, King Magnetic & Block McCloud)
3. The Rebirth (feat. Kwote1)
4. Flatline (feat. Termanology, Kwote1 & Sycksyllables)
5. The Grim Reaperz (feat. Main Flow, Blacastan, Diabolic, GQ & King Magnetic)
6. Ground BReakers (feat. Diabolic, Bekay & Evil Intentions) 
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