Graveyard shifter

 01. Intro (the story of the apocalypse) 
 02. Spartan entrance (prod by king H) 
03. Analog man (prod by king H) 
04. Mountains (prod by King H) 
05. Running wolf (prod by King H) 
06. Stained glass (prod by King H) 
07. Anti (prod by King H) 
08. Darkness falls (prod by King H) 
09. Cut throat music (prod by King H) 
10. core hard (prod by King H)  
11. fallen angel (prod by King H) 
12. me a rude bwoi (prod by King H) 
13. Poisoned granola (prod by King H) 
14. vio splicer (prod by king H) 
15. superman exists (prod by King H) 
16. Mayday payday (prod by king H) 
17. Nothing pretty (prod by King H) 
18. D-Hunter (prod by king H) 
19. the journey (prod by king H) 
20. outro-the message (prod by King H)  
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