Giant Gorilla Dog Thing

1. Honkey Kong Intro (feat. Honkey Kong)
2. Stanley Cup (feat. Hosté Odjinud)
3. Pawl’s Lament (feat. elsphinx)
4. Five One Eight (feat. El Gant)
5. Horse Announcement
6. 34 Intros (feat. Has-Lo, J57 & DJ White Lotus)
7. Live from the Death Camp (feat. Dephyant)
8. Gorilla Warfare (feat. Gorilla Tao & Awar)
9. Circle of Psycho (feat. Metalheart & Animal Cracker)
10. Custard (feat. Mic Lanny)
11. Top That
12. Playing With Matches (feat. Masai & Mike Arson)
13. Easter Island (feat. Oddy Gato)
14. 51860 (feat. Benn Grim)
15. Buzzcut

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