gensu dean


1. Intro
2. Principles & Codes (feat. Diamond D)
3. Dreams (feat. Dynas)
4. Let the Smoke Blow (feat. Rashid Hadee)
5. Opponents (feat. J-Live)
6. Blocked by Fears (feat. Substantial)
7. Floral «Walking» (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
8. Always Comes Back (feat. Red Pill)
9. Seven Thirty (feat. Tri-State & Conway)
10. Where Is the Love (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Janette Berry)
11. Ball of Yarn (feat. Roc Marciano)
12. Raw (Refined Alkaline Water) [feat. Yarbrough]
13. Peace

01. Abrasions Intro
02. Thoroughest
03. Bar Mitzvah
04. Time To Get Dough feat. Twin Gambino & Killa Kali
05. Cochise
06. Dignity feat. Tristate
07. Aura
08. Chichi, Get The Yayo
09. Faces On The Dollar
10. God Hour feat. AA Rashid & Tristate
11. Tough
12. Do What I Want feat. LarIna & Washey Choir 
13. Chuck Berry feat. Shawn Pen
14. Listen
15. Reflections feat. Rogue Venom
16.Thyself feat. David Banner & Tragedy Khadafi
17. Coup de Grace (Final Blow) feat. Gold Chain Military  
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