Frankenstein, Canada’s best producer on the mic, first stepped on the scene in 1994 with his partner AZ (as the duo Delphi Oracle) to release their 12″ single «Peace And Quiet» on Frankie’s own Knowledge of Self label imprint. After going solo and dropping underground classics like «The Pain», «Rain Is Gone», and «What Does It All Mean», Frankenstein released his much sought after and critically acclaimed debut full-length «UV» in 1997. 

01. The Rain Is Gone
02. Agony To Ecstasy Feat. Afrolistic
03. Quiet Storm Feat. Static
04. Rocksumshit Feat. Luminous
05. UV Geat. Meesah
06. Sparking Intellect
07. Combine With Frankenstein Feat. Grimace Love
08. All Hands
09. Check The Album For The Hits (Interlude)
10. What Does It All Mean
11. Lab Experiment
12. The Projects (Remix)
13. Strange To The Eye Feat. Bishop
14. Bottom Line Feat. AZ
15. Peace And Quiet Feat. AZ
16. The Pain
17. Peace And Quiet (Remix) Feat. AZ
18. The Pain (Remix)
19. Just Write A Song Feat. AZ

20. The Roughtalk Feat. Luminous
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 183 MB

01 Rain Is Gone
02 Agony And Ecstasy
03 Off The Hook
04 Quiet Storm (feat. Static)
05 Rocksumshit (feat. Luminous)
06 Interlude
07 UV
08 Sparkin Intellect
09 Combine With Frankenstein (feat. Grimace Love)
10 All Hands
11 Check The Album For The Hits 
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