finsta bundy

01. Bushwick To Shin-Juku
02. State Of Emergency
03. One Life To Live
04. Love & Hate (4-Track Mix)
05. Game’s So Crazy
06. What You Gonna Do
07. Via FB
08. Who Wanna Rock (4-Track Mix)
09. Activate
10. One For The Money feat. Greg Nice
11. Sunnyside (Rough Version)
12. You’re Nobody feat. Evil Dee [Bonus Track]
13. Killa Kid Times Remix [Bonus Track]


1.bushwicked feat dj tonk  
3. feel the high  
4.feel the high pt 2  
5.don’t stress tomorrow  
6 finsta bundy spriti of the boogie 
7.boogie spirit 
8.bizm much on my mind life 
11.bomb shit 
12.supanova feat dj krush  
14.who i be  
15.war & position  
16.where ya at  
19.payday is bliss  

01 – Finsta Bundy – Keep Me (Featuring Maze)
02 – Finsta Bundy – Where Ya At Pt. 2
03 – Dysfunkshunal Familee – Some People (Featuring Apani)
04 – D-Rock & Bazarro – Da Nutty What
05 – Braindead, D-Rock & Bazarro – B.O.U.N.D.A.R.I.E.S.
06 – D-Rock & Bazarro – A Day Wit D-Rock 

A1. FBoom Intro 
A2. Feel The High Pt. 2 
A3. Bizm 
A4. Sunnyside 
A5. Upon A Star 
A6. Bomb Shit 
A7. War & Position (feat. 5 Ft. Accelerator, EZD, Ty)
A8. Beatminerz Radio Pt. 1 
A9. Rock & Comeen (feat. Lady Apache)
A10. What? (feat. 5 Ft. Accelerator)
A11. Itz Uzelezz (feat. Germ, Lin Que)
A12. Where Ya At? (feat. Braindead, D-Rock)
A13. Beatminerz Radio Pt. 2 
A14. Who I Be (RMX) 
A15. Primetyme Freestyle 
A16. FBoom Freestyle 
B1. The Essence 
B2. Boogie Spirit 
B3. Spirit Of The Boogie 
B4. Who Wanna Rock? 
B5. Supanova 
B6. Finsta Bundy 
B7. Stretch & Bobbito Show 
B8. Neva Say Neva Wednesdays Intro 
B9. Worldwide 
B10. Love & Hate (feat. Lockness)
B11. Feel The High 
B12. Don’t Stress Tomorrow (feat. D-Rock)
B13. Who I Be 
B14. Activate 
B15. It’s Like That (feat. Amayss, Braindead, D-Rock)
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