01.Fuck Rappers Remix feat. Slaine & F.T. (Emynd Blend)
 02.I’m A G (Emynd Blend Medley)
 03.Brotherhood (Emynd Blend)
04.High By Myself (Emynd Blend)
 05.Big Shots feat. OJ The Uncanny & King Magnetic (Emynd Blend Medley)
 06.Devil’s Advocate (Emynd Blend)
 07.Euthanasia feat. Just Allah & Sicknature (Emynd Blend)
 08.Mount Up feat. Sabac Red & Wise Intelligent (Emynd Blend Medley)
 09.Timezones feat. Outerspace (Emynd Blend Medley)
10.Kill Somebody (Emynd Blend)
 11.Boxcutter Samurai (Emynd Blend)
12.Brain On Drugs feat. Esoteric (Emynd Blend)
13.Fuck Rappers (Emynd Blend)
14.100 Rhymebooks (Emynd “Cherish The Day” Remix)  
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