eff yoo

01. The Eff Word feat. DJ TMB
02. Burgundy Boat Shoes feat. Airon Azure
03. Alpha Mega
04. The Great Escape
05. God Hates Me feat. The Audible Doctor & Airon Azure
06. Archie Bunker
07. Winding Time (Interlude)
08. Peach Marmalade
09. Chinese Super Ninjas feat. GS Advance, Skanks & Spit Gemz
10. Indiscriminate Shots feat. Big Noyd
11. The Last Word
12. Burgundy Boat Shoes (Chris Prythm Remix)
13. Peach Marmalade (Funkbody Remix)
14. Foul Senators feat. Aye Wun
15. Chinese Super Ninjas (Extended Mix) feat. GS Advance, Skanks, Spit Gemz, Jus-P & Solomon Childs

01. Intro (Throw Down The Sword)
02. Middle Earth Guerillas (Feat. Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Daytona)
03. Sir George Goony
04. The Village Mortician (Feat. Shaz Illyork)
05. Midevil Archer (Feat. Carhem Indhira)
06. The Great Migration
07. Interlude (The Gnome’s Gold)
08. Heir Apparent
09. RL Hunting Club (Feat. Starker & Shaz Illyork)
10. Mythical Creature
11. Wizard’s Cookbook (Feat. Spit Gemz & AG Da Coroner)
12. Outro (The Golden Child)  
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