Quality: V.O. Kbps – Location: Netherlands

1. It’s Been A Long… 
2. The Loot 
3. Grasshoppin’ 
4. More Days To Come 
5. Depression 
6. Live From The 205th 
7. Gunz & Ammo 
8. I Wonder Why 
9. Dolo 
10. Ganzalude 
11. Eleven 
12. Mirror Talk 
13. The Game (Feat. Manushka) 
14. Childsplay 
15. TaMiSha 
16. Stacked With Honors 
17. Life 
18. In Doubt ’99 
19. Peep This…

Quality: 160 Kbps – Location: Netherlands
A1. I Wonder Why (Vocal)
A2. I Wonder Why (Instrumental)
A3. I Wonder Why (Acapella)
B1. Outstand Through Time… (Vocal)
B2. Outstand Through Time… (Instrumental)
B3. Gunz & Ammo (Vocal)
B4. Gunz & Ammo (Instrumental)

A1. Stacked With Honors (Remix)
A2. Stacked With Honors (Radio Edit)
A3. Stacked With Honors (Instrumental)
A4. Stacked With Honors (Acapella)
B1. Stacked With Honors (Original Version)
B2. Stacked With Honors (Instrumental)
B3. I Thought You’d Understand (Vocal)
B4. I Thought You’d Understand (Instrumental)

1. Thoughts
2. Watch Me
3. Come On (Feat. Sonny D)
4. You Dont Even Know…
5. K.I.T.A. (Bring It On)
6. Push ‘M Up
7. The Lounge
8. My Love (Feat. Michael Franti)
9. Bubblegum (Feat. Ganza and Son)
10. On Top Of This
11. Chemistry (Feat. U-Niq)
12. Feelin’ This Shit
13. Old Story (Feat. Ganza)
14. Who Stole The Soul
15. Understand This
16. Rollin (Feat. Rollarocka and R)
17. K.I.T.A.(Benjah Edition)

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