Doap Nixon

01. Intro feat. Blacastan
02. The Bizness feat. Blacastan & Esoteric
03. Wherever I Go feat. Demoz, V Zilla & Helen Sciandra
04. Darkside
05. Never Look Back feat. Outerspace
06. Heaven Is Still Calling feat. Cynthia Holliday
07. Legendary
08. Deadly Sins feat. HMK & King And The Cauze
09. Fly
10. One More Chance feat. Demoz
11. Bang feat. Apathy & Celph Titled
12. Outro
13. Grand Opening (Remix) Reef The Lost Cauze & Vinnie Paz 

01.Intro ft. Good Money
02.All Crazy ft. K. Greene
03.Kingdom Come ft. Reef the Lost Cauze (Freestyle)
04.Ballin Qd Remix ft. Planetary & Iron Kong
05. Breathe Eazy (Freestyle)
06.Too Hot to Hold ft. Good Money
07.Get Bucked ft. Planetary
08.Addicted to the $$ ft. Good Money
09.Backbone ft. Tidal Wave, Reef the Lost Cauze & Scandolus
10.Many Men ft. Reef the Lost Cauze (Freestyle)
11.Stay Wit Me ft. Burke
12.- Man of the Hour ft. Good Money
13.Shook Ones ft. Planetary (Freestyle)
14.Get Right ft. Tidal Wave
15.Reality Check ft. Johnny Brixx & Reef the Lost Cauze
16.Live Music ft. Killa Rellick
17. Plead the 5th ft. Outerspace
18.Loud Silence
19.Young the Restless ft. Good Money


Intro (Prod. By DJ TMB) 01:02
Devil Himself 03:11
Straight Razors (Cuts By DJ TMB) 02:20
Brothers 03:03
No Love (Feat. PH (Pumpkinhead)) 03:27
Profits 02:25
Reality Is What? 02:51
Rules Of The Game 01:39
Machine Guns 02:04
Leave The Room (Feat. Labal-S & Mark Deez) (Cuts By DJ TMB) 04:28
Feels Good (Cuts By DJ TMB) 02:10
Leave The Room (DJ Artifact REMIX) 05:13 

2.Silent Murders
3.Grand Opening (feat. Celph Titled & Planetary)
4.Afraid of Me (feat. Block McCloud)
5.Jive Turkey’s
7.About Me (feat. Journalist)
8.Words From Kwest (feat. Kwestion)
9.War Music (feat. Crypt the Warchild)
10.Power to the People
11.You Need to Know
12.Caucasion SlimeWave (feat. Killa Rellik, Sick Six, Capo & Burke the Jurke)
13.Burnt Offering
14.Running (Bonus Track) (feat. Chief Kamachi)
15.Pistol Gang (Bonus Track)
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