DJ Yata

B1 featuring kppl g rap – Cardinal sins
Jeru the Damnaja – 99,9%
Afura – Defeat
Nt, instrumental – Thats my people
Black twang – Real State
Poet- Buck buck
Organized konfusion – Chuk cheeese
Kool g rap – Guetto knows
Smiley da guetto child – Gaged in
Instrumental priteo free
Rasco instrumental ganda free
Tim dog Kool keith – I aint havin it
Large professor instrumental a.k.a rey free
Corte eclipse
50 grand of homeliss derilex – Maxx mode
Afura – Through these veins
Beatnuts – Find that
Encore instrumental mitico free
Brainsick mob – Rock a show
O.c instrumental roke free
Dilated peoples – Ear drums pop
Encore – The situation
Shadez of brooklyn – Change
Corte negro kool-hebra
Doble v instrumental – atras
J-Live acapella – Longevity
Oxmo puccino – Retrouvailles
Screwball instrumental – Urban Warfare
Big Noyd and Prodigy – The grimy way
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