DJ Swarm

01. Devil (intro)
02. Degree Zero
03. Greyhound
04. Fin Du Mois (ft. Timbo King)
05. Wolf In Sheep Clothing (ft. Kavalier)
06. Devil In Disguise (ft. Kavalier)
07. King And The Caesar
08. Sacrament
09. Final Epilogue (ft. Raaddrr Vantana)
10. Temple Of The Mental
11. Blessed Are Those (remix)
12. Pillars Of Ivory (ft. Artfull dodgers)
13. Moanin’ (ft. Killa Sin)
14. Breathe
15. Mystic
16. Fall Of Solomon (remix)
17. Horsemen Are Here
18. No Chaser (ft. Fokis, Raze and Hot rod)
19. Excalibur
20. In Here (ft. Timbo King and Guru)
21. Pages Of Life (ft. Rimes)
22. Triumph (ft. Dreddy Krueger)
23. God (outro)
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