Dj Mattnyce

1. D.j. Mattnyce-intro
2. Justin Warfield-bug powder dust (D.j. Muggs remix)
3. D1-fakes
4. Snoman-if you’re happy and you know it
5. L.E.S. crew-grab ya head
6. Urban native sons-of the native (brothers grimm remix)
7. Ill breed militia-what’s an i-eleven
8. Grand puba-I like it (buckwild remix)
9. Suave-break ‘em up
10. Culture productions-roughnecks (radio version)
11. Jeru the damaja-my mind spray (D.j. Mattnyce funkymix)
12. Strugglin souls-can’t find my tribe (D.j. Mattnyce funkymix)
13. Original-dead presidents (D.j. Mattnyce funkymix)
14. 4th quarter-c-notes and grants (remix)
15. Mighty ethnicz-bedrock
16. Private eye-a and b plan
17. Aphillyation-cryed the tuff guy
18. Lost trybe of hip hop-lampin in the layer
19. D.J. Mattnyce-in ya grill with mad skill
20. M.F. 911-king in a cell
21. Raw Breed-how many lumps
22. M.C. Thick-bitch control
23. Boys about beats and lyrics uptown-the beats
24. Chase & destroy-everybody hit the floor
25. D’adore-unda ground radio (phatful mix)
26. Da ooh-watch out
27. Dolomight the lyrical genius-keep it live (remix)
28. Circle of power-unseen offspring (D.j. Mattnyce funkymix)
29. Underground flava-gotta luv my style
30. Another nasty move-it only takes one
31. The general sekwan-thanks for nothing
32. I.P.B.- get m up
33. Stylz & the j.i.z.-look like you

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