DJ Lord Ron


1.Reality Dreamin’ With DJ Lord Ron (Intro)
2.Concrete Bars (Echo Park Beat Street N2 Da Future) Feat., C Rayz Walz
3.The Dream Feat., Lil Dap & Young Luchiano
4.Nocturnal Snakes Feat., Wildelux
5.One By One Feat., Humanbeings
6.The Finest Feat., N C Abram
7.The Touch Feat., John Robinson
8.City To City Feat., Triple Ace
9.Akil The MC ( I Guess That’s Me) Feat., Akil The MC
10.Art Talkin’ With DJ Lord Ron
11.It’z Da R.C.P Feat., Da Lyrikal DJ Killa Kal, Mad Man Da God, Klu Shiesty, C Rayz Walz & Kassius Kakes
12.Ladies Come, Ladies Go Feat., Destruct
13.Fire Water Feat., Yeski
14.The System Feat., N C Abram
15.1, 2, Thiz Iz 4 U (Brooklyn Niguhz) Feat., Lil Dap & Young Luchiano
16.Scratch Outro With DJ Lord Ron (Dedicated 2 DJ Kool Herc, DJ Afrika Bambaataa & DJ Grandmaster Flash)

1. DJ Leviathan , Will Nyce  – DJ Leviathan & Will Nyce Addresses The State Of DJ Lord Ron’s Mental-Tha Intro
2. Royal Flush – Worldwide (DJ Lord Ron Remix)
3. Willmatic – BX 2 LA Konnect Pt. 1
4. Guru – Propaganda
5. Derek Strong (The L.K.) – Hard To Make
6. Wildelux – Aim High
7. Triple Ace – 2400 Hours
8. C-Rayz Walz, Killa Kal – Protect My Family
9. Wildelux – The Commencement
10. Derek Strong (The L.K.) – Power With Perception
11. Krumb Snatcha, The Wolves – Clack-Clack
12. Willmatic – BX 2 LA Konnect PT. II
13. Triple Ace – The Bombay
14. Wildelux – Klass Akshun
15. Guru – Don’t Start Nothing
16. Lord G, Mr. Tan  – 360 Till Infinity
17. Krumb Snatcha, Guru – Losin’ Control
18. Willmatic – Saturday Nite Special
19. JaDox  – Forecast
20. Pow Shadowz, JiJi – Hellavision

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