Dirt Platoon

01 The Sit Down (prod. by Mil)
02 Old Album (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
03 Admire (prod. by Dj Low Cut)
04 Bare Face Robbery (prod. by Tom Delay)
05 Emotions (prod. by Dj Brans)
06 Our House (cuts by Venom) (prod. by Venom)
07 Inmate (prod. by Macabeats)
08 View From The Bottom (prod. by Tom Delay)
09 ’86 Ushers Anniversary Picnic feat. Fel Sweetenberg (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
10 Garbage Can (cuts by Dj Djaz) (prod. by Dj Brans)
11 Weep (prod. by Dj Brans)
12 Killing Machines feat. Nutso (cuts by Dj Djaz) (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
13 Peak Performers (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
1. Warface Intro (Instrumental)
2. Animal Shit (Instrumental)
3. Army of two (Instrumental)
4. Dirty Work (Instrumental)
5. West Baltimore (Instrumental)
6. Old Time Sake (Instrumental)
7. Brainstorming (Instrumental)
8. Point of Attack (Instrumental)
9. Wage War (Instrumental)
10. Dose of Reality (Instrumental)
11. The Closer (Instrumental)
12. Outro (Instrumental)

Props to ghwueasck
01 The Intro
02 Slumz feat. Snook Da Crook & Wyld Bunch (cuts by DJ Djaz)
03 Leopard
04 Emperor feat. Nutso & Fel Sweetenberg
05 Mama Interlude
06 Biggest Loser (cuts by DJ Djaz)
07 Blow Torch Rap feat. Snook Da Crook (cuts by DJ Djaz)
08 Myself
09 A Statement (cuts by DJ Djaz)
10 Paris Blues
11 Stormy Monday feat. Elaysha
12 Governors feat. Skanks & Milez Grimez
13 Slumz feat. Snook Da Crook & Wyld Bunch (cuts by DJ Djaz) (Mil Remix)
14 Blow Torch Rap feat. Snook Da Crook (cuts by DJ Djaz) (Fel Sweetenberg Remix)
15 A Statement feat. Kimba (cuts by Sir Williams) (Union Blak remix)
16 Governors feat. Skanks & Milez Grimez (DJ Brans remix)
Disc 1
01 The Intro 1:04
02 Animal Shit 3:08
03 Army Of Two 2:46
04 Dirty Work feat Ruste Juxx 3:47
05 West BMore (Skit) 0:41
06 West BMore (Story) 2:42
07 Old Time Sake 3:01
08 Brainstorming 2:45
09 Point Of Attack feat Dro Pesci, Skanks (Of Bankai Fam), Shabaam Sahdeeq And Milez Grimez 5:41
10 Wage Of War 2:48
11 Dose Of Reality 2:45
12 The Closer 2:29
13 The Outro 0:39
Disc 2
01 Animal Shit (Spcifyc Remix) 3:05
02 Army Of Two (Azaia Remix) 3:10
03 Dirty Work (Oh No «Dr No» Remix) feat Ruste Juxx 3:38
04 Brainstorming (Phalo Pantoja Remix) 2:55
05 Wage Of War (Venom «Re-venge» Mix) 4:14
06 Point Of Attack (Doctor Cooper «HH7» Remix) feat Lord Have Mercy, El Da Sensei, Venomous 2000 And Mr Fickle 5:21
07 Old Time Sake (Astronote Remix) 2:35
08 Dose Of Reality (DJ Stresh Remix) 2:45
09 West BMore (Story) (Sizemen Remix) 2:20
10 The Closer (DJ Duke Remix) 2:47 
01.Bea Gaddy And Them (Feat. Ogun) (Prod. By Phat Head)
02.The Intro (Prod. By Lavel)
03.Behaviour (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
04.Let It Out (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
05.Spankgivinz (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
06.Call It What U Want (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
07.No Other (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
08.10-10-20 (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
09.Exchange Vows (Feat. Fel Sweetenberg) (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
10.Bloody A Producer (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
11.Fiend (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
12.Head Shot (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
13.Animosity (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
14.Chauffer (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
15.Mini Mez (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)

01 – Strapped (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
02 – Co Workers (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
03 – Dirty $$$$$ (Prod. By Wop)
04 – Meet Me Halfway (Prod. By Tom Delay)
05 – Favorite Song (Prod. By Wop)
06 – The Chosen (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
07 – Juice (Prod. By Nique)
08 – True Religion (Prod. By Wop)
09 – Spit On Ya Grave (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
10 – How Soon They Forget (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
11 – Monsters Ink (Feat. Fel Sweetenberg) (Prod. By Fel Sweetenberg)
12 – New Husband Pt. 2 (Prod. By Tom Delay)
13 – Man Vs. Man (Prod. By Wattz)
14 – I Love My Drink (Prod. By Wop) 
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