1. Diabolical Sound (Instrumental)
2. Introvert (Instrumental)
3. Higher (Instrumental)s
4. Piss and Vinegar (Instrumental)
5. Suffolk’s Most Wanted (Instrumental)
6. Feel Ya Pain (Instrumental)
7. Norman Bates (Instrumental)
8. Living in My Own Head (Instrumental) [feat. Block MC Cloud]
9. My Attitude (Instrumental)
10. Victim’s Story (Instrumental)
11. Fightin Words (Instrumental)
12. Game Time (Instrumental)
13. A.M.E.R.I.C.A. (Truth Pt. 3) [Instrumental]
14, Here We Go (Instrumental)
15. Bad Dream (Instrumental)
16. Alien Manuscript (Instrumental)
17. Mission Statement (Instrumental)
18. A Day in the Life (Instrumental)

1. Stand by (Instrumental)
2. Frontlines (Instrumental) [feat. Immortal Technique]
3. Riot (Instrumental) [feat. Deadly Hunta]
4. Reasons (Instrumental)
5. Soldier’s Logic (Instrumental)
6. Order & Chaos (Instrumental) [feat. Ill Bill]
7. I Don’t Wanna Rhyme (Instrumental)
8. Truth, Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
9. Not Again (Instrumental) [feat. Vinnie Paz]
10. Loose Cannon (Instrumental)
11. 12 Shots (Instrumental) [feat. Nate Augustus]
12. In Common (Instrumental) [feat. Canibus]
13. Modern Day Future (Instrumental) [feat. Deadly Hunta]
14. Behind Bars (Instrumental)
15. Right Here (Instrumental) [feat. Immortal Technique]

01.Diabolical Sound
03.Higher (con Celph Titled y Swave Sevah)
04.Piss and Vinegar
05.Suffolk’s Most Wanted (con R.A. the Rugged Man)
06.Feel Your Pain
07.Norman Bates (con Taboo, Locksmith, Nino Bless, Apathy y Coal) —
08.Living In My Own Head (con Block McCloud)
09.My Attitude
10.Victim’s Story
11.Fightin’ Words
12.Game Time (con Sean Price y Vinnie Paz)
13.A.M.E.R.I.C.A. (Truth Pt. 3)
14.Here We Go (con Coast)
15.Bad Dream
16.Alien Manuscript
17.[Bonus Track] Mission Statement
18.[Bonus Track] A Day In The Life

1. My Turn
2. Masterplan Feat. Akir
3. Truth Pt. 1
4. Perspective
5. Morning Light
6. Ya’ll Don’t Know Feat. Black McCloud
7. Asshole and a Creep Grimlock
8. 99 Pounds Freestyle
9. Hold Ya Tongue
10. You Don’t Know Freestyle
11. Club Hater Feat. Smoothe Da Hustler
12. Role Model Freestyle
13. Drugs Is Drugs Feat. Immortal Technique
14. No No No Freestyle
15. Youn Won’t
16. You Don’t Own Me
17. Gansters 
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